Islamic dream interpretation of Dirty hands, Explanation & Meaning for Dirty hands dreams

Below Dirty hands dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Dirty face Dream Explanation

Dirty face Dream Explanation ? (Filth) A dirty face in a dream represents a rare art, while a filthy body represents a sinful person.

Fart Dream Explanation

Fart Dream Explanation ? ? Farting amid people: Will be relieved from worries and experience no more difficulties. ? Farting indiscreetly while surrounded by people: Relief from worries and hardships, but in an ugly manner. ? Farting deliberately, emitting a loud sound and dirty smell: The dreamer is saying or doing ugly and obscene things for which he will be ill-reputed as much as the sound was loud and the smell dirty. ? Farting with difficulty: Will do something unbearable. ? Farting without difficulty: The dreamer will do as he likes.


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Handshake Dream Explanation

Handshake Dream Explanation ? ? Shaking hands with an unidentified sheikh or old man: The dreamer will be secure from God?s torture. ? A young man shaking hands with the dreamer: The dreamer will be immune from the enemies? harm. ? A man whom the dreamer approaches to betroth his daughter shaking hands enthusiastically with the dreamer: The man will consent. The reverse is also true. ? A business relation returning the dreamer?s greetings and giving a firm handshake: Business will flourish.

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Incident - Amputated Hands Dream Explanation

Incident - Amputated Hands Dream Explanation ? A man said to Imam Ibn Sirin: "I saw my hand cut off in a dream." Imam Ibn Sirin replied: 'You have the habit of making false oaths." The man obliged and repented from his wrongdoing.

A Snake with Hands and feet Dream Explanation

A Snake with Hands and feet Dream Explanation ? His enemy is powerful with great resources at his disposal.

Clapping hands Dream Explanation

Clapping hands Dream Explanation ? In a dream, clapping hands represents pagan customs. If one hears hands clapping, or if he claps his hands in a dream, it may indicate an illness or it could represent a vacant house or a ghost town.

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Hand Dream Explanation

Hand Dream Explanation ? ? Walking on one?s hands: The dreamer relies on his relatives in certain matters. ? Seeing with one?s hands as if they were eyes: You are frolicking or molesting prohibited relatives too often. ? f The dreamer?s right hand telling him some good words: The quality of life will improve. ? The dreamer?s left hand telling him something good: Relatives will show their gratitude. ? One or both hands blaming the dreamer: Wrongdoings on the dreamer?s part. ? The right hand made of gold? (the word for gold in Arabic is thahab, meaning ?gone?): The dreamer?s partner or wife will die.

Fly Dream Explanation

Fly Dream Explanation ? The fly is a weak and mean person who stabs one in the back. Many flies symbolizes a harmful enemy. ? Eating flies: Dirty money or unholy gains. ? A fly entering the dreamer?s body: Will mix with mean and criminal parties and gain dirty money, which will not last.

Stool Dream Explanation

Stool Dream Explanation ? Also see Toilet. In general, anything that comes out of the stomach of humans or animals symbolizes money. Whether it is good or bad depends on its smell, its dirt, and its harm to people. If it is a non-personal dirt, like mud, it means public fear from the ruler. Stool, or shit in vulgar terms, represents benefit from injustice or relief. ? Easing out:? (1) No more worries.? (2) Will give alms. ? A person about to travel dreaming of having passed too much stool:? (1) Will not travel.? (2) Will fall into the hands of highwaymen. ? Finding, winning, or eating filth:? (1) Dirty money with repentance.? (2) A statement made out of greed, which the dreamer will regret. ? Passing dry and solid stool: Will spend some money, perhaps forcibly.

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Filth Dream Explanation

Filth Dream Explanation ? (Dirt) Dirty hair, a soiled garment, or a filthy body in a dream mean distress and worries. Dirty clothing in a dream mean sins. If the dirt comprises oil or grease in the dream, it means attachment to mundane and material objects. Washing one's clothe in a dream means repenting from sin and washing them away. Cleaning off the wax in one's ears in a dream means hearing pleasing words. (Also see Cloth; Dirty face; Garment)

Dirty hair Dream Explanation

Dirty hair Dream Explanation ? (See Filth)

Dirty clothe Dream Explanation

Dirty clothe Dream Explanation ? (See Filth)

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Powerful Hands Dream Explanation

Powerful Hands Dream Explanation ? Powerful hands symbolise the wielding of great power.

Hands clapping Dream Explanation

Hands clapping Dream Explanation ? (See Clapping hands)

Handshake Dream Explanation

Handshake Dream Explanation ? ? Shaking hands with and embracing an enemy: Cordiality will replace hostility, as the Holy Prophet said that handshaking increases cordiality. ? An enemy coming to shake hands or greet the dreamer: He is seeking reconciliation. ? Shaking hands with someone with whom there is no hostility: The dreamer will come to his rescue. In case there is a feud, the latter will win over. ? Shaking hands with a sheikh or old man the dreamer knows: The dreamer will marry or make love to a beautiful woman and eat all sorts of fruits, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran: ?They and their wives, in pleasant shade, on thrones reclining; theirs the fruits and theirs? (all) that they ask?.?? (?Ya-Sin,? verses 55?57.)

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Dye Dream Explanation

Dye Dream Explanation ? If one sees his dyed hands wrapped or bandaged in a dream, it means that he will lose a trial or a fight with his rivals, or that he will fail to meet such a challenge again. Dyeing only the finger with henna in a dream represents branches of dates or clusters of grapes. In general, dyeing one's hands with henna or one's hair with regular dye as a makeup in a dream represents joy for the husband and wife as long as they do not exceed the norms. Dyeing one's hands and feet in a dream means redecorating one's house. If a poor person sees himself dyeing his hands or hair in a dream, it means that he will cover up the loss of his ablution during prayers or during his reading of the Holy Quran or during other ritual occasions where he is required to have ablution before proceeding. It could also mean that he cares little about attending his prayers.

Dye Dream Explanation

Dye Dream Explanation ? ? A man dying his fingers with henna: He is using the rosary very often. ? A man dreaming that both hands are dyed with henna: He is outspoken and shows all that he has on his mind or in his hands, be it good or bad. If the hands are tattooed with henna, he will trick his family into selling some furniture to cover a deficit to avoid humiliation and his enemy?s jubilation. ? A man seeing ugly dye on his palm: Hardships should be anticipated. ? A man seeing ugly dye on his right hand: He will kill somebody. ? A man seeing himself dyed or tattooed with gold: He will try to swindle somebody, but will fail and lose his own money and means of living.

Interlocking one's hands Dream Explanation

Interlocking one's hands Dream Explanation ? (Intertwine) In a dream, interlocking one's hands means a partnership, a contract, marriage, stagnation, stillness of business, delinquency in one's prayers, negligence of one's duties, difficulties with one's family, or a meeting that purports evil.

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Incident - Hands being bounded by a black rope Dream Explanation

Incident - Hands being bounded by a black rope Dream Explanation ? A person narrated the following dream to Ibn Sirin : ?I saw in the dream that my son bounded my hands behind my back with a black rope. Tell me what does this mean.? The Imaam said:? Congratulations to you. You are in debt and your son will relieve you of this burden very shortly. Moreover, he will also relieve you of your burden of having to earn a livelihood and incurring further debts. For, blackness suggests affluence and sufficiency?. The person thanked the Imaam saying: ?My master, you have spoken the truth?.

Swine Dream Explanation

Swine Dream Explanation ? The swine is a huge man, rich, and irreligious, with dubious sources of income, a dirty person with long hands, and a mean and stinking atheist.50 Its flesh or meat, its grease, its hair, its stomach, and its skin are cheap and dirty money. Being a swine herd: Will govern low people of dirty origin. ? Owning, finding, or transporting swine: Will obtain dirty money. ? Pigs? (young and little swine) and sow milk, if the dreamer drinks it. A catstrophe will befall the dreamer. He will lose either his mind or his money.

Dirty hands dreams FAQs:

Seeing Dirty hands dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Dirty hands dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Dirty hands dream Refer to Dirty hands islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Dirty hands very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Dirty hands?

There are different meanings of Dirty hands dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Dirty hands dream Refer to above Dirty hands islamic dream interpretation.

What do Dirty hands symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Dirty hands dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Dirty hands dream Refer to above Dirty hands islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Dirty hands in dream?

Dirty hands dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Dirty hands dream Refer to above Dirty hands islamic dream explanations.

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