Islamic dream interpretation of Disappear, Explanation & Meaning for Disappear dreams

Below Disappear dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Beard Dream Explanation

Beard Dream Explanation ? ? The part between the lower lip and the chin represents the man?s asset (s), which he prides himself on. ? Seeing one?s beard half-shaven: Will become poor and unimportant. ? The beard being shaved by an unknown young man: The dreamer?s prestige will be shaken or completely destroyed by an enemy whom he knows, his homonym, or his counterpart. ? The beard being shaved by an old man: Prestige will disappear to a certain extent. ? The beard being shaved by an unknown old man: Prestige will be shattered by a haughty and crushing chief, a bastard.

Pilgrimage Dream Explanation

Pilgrimage Dream Explanation ? ? Going for the pilgrimage in due course:? (1) If the dreamer never performed hajj before, he will be granted that honour.? (2) If the dreamer is ill, he will recover.? (3) If the dreamer has debts, they will be settled.? (4) Fears will disappear.? (5) The dreamer will return safe from a journey.? (6) Business will turn profitable.? (7) Post and dignity will be restored. Total rehabilitation.? (8) If erring, the dreamer will come back to the right path.? (9) Relief will come. ? Missing the pilgrimage mission:? (1) Loss of a high post. Isolation.? (2) Business losses.? (3) The dreamer will be intercepted by highwaymen.? (4) The dreamer will fall ill. ? Dreaming of having performed the pilgrimage or the Umrah? (minor or out-of-season pilgrimage): The dreamer will be reformed and have a long life.


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Combing the Hair and Beard Dream Explanation

Combing the Hair and Beard Dream Explanation ? His grief and anxiety will disappear shortly. Some say it means goodness and happiness through beneficial knowledge. Likewise, people will also derive maximum benefit from his knowledge just as they do from a king, mufti, doctor or khateeb.

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House Dream Explanation

House Dream Explanation ? ? A bright, well-illuminated house: A polite and virtuous woman. ? A dark house: An ill-tempered and mean person. ? Entering a house sprinkled with water: Trouble with a woman and worries as much as there was humidity and mud, but which will disappear.

Elephant Dream Explanation

Elephant Dream Explanation ? ? An elephant chasing the dreamer: Harm from the king. ? An elephant beating the dreamer with its trunk or taking anything from that animal?s trunk: Will strike it rich. ? Two elephants fighting: Two kings are in the same position. ? Elephant dung or droppings: The king?s money. ? An elephant getting out of a city whose ruler is ill:? (1) The ruler will die; otherwise, he will be deposed or leave for good.? (2) If it is a port city a ship will set sail.? (3) Some epidemic or plague will disappear. ? A woman dreaming of riding an elephant: She will die.

Donning Feminine Clothes Dream Explanation

Donning Feminine Clothes Dream Explanation ? If a man sees himself as donning feminine clothes it means he will experience tremendous fear, destitution and helplessness after which it will disappear by the will of Allah Taala.

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Stork Dream Explanation

Stork Dream Explanation ? This bird symbolizes sociable people, but there is a difference between seeing storks flocking together and scattered. In the former case, they refer to thieves and highwaymen or enemy warriors or to cold weather and air turbulence. Scattered, they are a good sign for whoever plans to travel or to get married. They are known to appear sometime in winter, then disappear, then appear again. Dreaming of scattered storks also means that an absent one will come back.

Pregnancy Dream Explanation

Pregnancy Dream Explanation ? ? A maiden getting pregnant:? (1) Bitter events will occur to her family because of her.? (2) Evil?like a robbery or a fire?at her place.? (3) She will be possessed by a demon.? (4) The clothes made or given to her on the occasion of her wedding will not suit her or will not be to her liking.? (5) She will be wedded to an incapable person.? (6) She will be deflowered before marriage and hence stay single for a long time.? (7) She will get married. ? A single woman dreaming of being pregnant: Will get married. ? An old woman being pregnant:? (1) A reference to an arsenal or an arms cache.? (2) A reference to unemployment.? (3) Fertility after drought. ? A pregnant animal, especially a good and useful one: Benefits and welfare. ? A sterile woman or a bull being pregnant: A year characterized by drought, barrenness, intrigues, and evil brought about by bandits and atheists. If, afterward, a frightening or ferocious animal is born, it means that evil, misery, fear, or worries will disappear.

Bracelet for the Upper Arm Dream Explanation

Bracelet for the Upper Arm Dream Explanation ? If symbolises some unpleasant matter caused by his brother or friend. If it is made of silver the matter will be less unpleasant and it will disappear in a short period of time.

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Paradise Dream Explanation

Paradise Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing Paradise with one?s eyes: Worries will disappear and the dreamer will obtain whatever he desires. ? Seeing Paradise but refusing to enter it: The dreamer is a benefactor and a hard worker. Such a dream can be had only by the fair, never by the unjust. ? Seeing Paradise but being barred from entering it: The dreamer will not be able to perform hajj? (pilgrimage), engage in Jihad? (holy war) or expiate for some sin, despite his desire to do so. ? Seeing one of the gates of Paradise being closed or slammed in one?s face: One of the dreamer?s parents will die. If two gates are closed, both parents will pass away. In case all gates are closed, this means that the dreamer?s parents are displeased with him. Conversely, if he enters it from any gate, the dreamer is blessed by his parents. ? Entering Paradise:? (1) The dreamer will be happy and secure on earth and in the Hereafter.? (2) Desires will be fulfilled after hardships, because the way to Paradise, it is believed, is fraught with dangers and evil things.? (3) The dreamer is sociable and will mix with great and noble people.? (4) The dreamer is observing religious tenets.

Tooth Dream Explanation

Tooth Dream Explanation ? ? Having glass or wooden teeth: Death. ? In general, falling teeth mean obstacles or the settlement of debts. ? Teeth falling without pain: Hopes will be dashed. ? Teeth falling with pain: Something will disappear from the dreamer?s house. The front teeth falling: The dreamer will be unable to achieve something by pleading. If there is pain or blood or flesh being snatched, hopes will be dashed. ? The front teeth falling and others pushing instead: Things will change or be rearranged. ? The upper teeth falling into one?s hand: Money is coming.

Camel Dream Explanation

Camel Dream Explanation ? ? Owning or riding a she-camel:? (1) If a bachelor, will get married.? (2) If planning to travel, the journey will take place.? (3) Will own some land or a house, et cetera. ? A she-camel giving milk in a mosque or an agricultural field: A fertile year to come. If people are scared or besieged, or if there is some intrigue or heresy in the air, all those things would disappear, as the she-camel milk represents normalcy in adoring God and observing the Tradition of the Holy Prophet. ? Touching a baby camel: Sorrow and worries.

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Disappear Dream Explanation

Disappear Dream Explanation ? If one dreams of disappearing from the sight of the enemy, one will defeat that enemy. If the latter uncovers the dreamer, he will bring him a calamity. If the dreamer trembles and feels unable to hold himself together, he should expect nothing but weakness and worries.

Mortuary Balm Dream Explanation

Mortuary Balm Dream Explanation ? The mortuary balm or other stuff used in the mummification or embalming process to preserve the corpse and keep it from stinking symbolizes:? (1) Repentance for the profligate.? (2) Relief from deep worries. In general, it is a good augury: ? Dreaming of having or collecting mortuary balm: Piety and welfare, especially toward Muslims. ? Distributing balm: The dreamer is pursuing a matter that will benefit people. ? A virtuous person being anointed with mortuary balm:? (1) Worldly and religious affairs will be better.? (2) Troubles and worries will disappear.? (3) Will be secure and fear no one anymore.

Grill Dream Explanation

Grill Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing an expert grilling veal:? (1) Marriage of a bachelor.? (2) Marriage ceremony.? (3) New children. ? Seeing oneself grilling meat and selling it: Will collect money for the ruler through injustice and confiscation. ? Grilled meat: (1) A hint about what the future holds. (2) Coming relief. (3) Earnings and prosperity, even if it is poultry meat or sausages. (4) Triumph over enemies. (5) Will have more male children, especially if it was grilled veal. (6) A fat grilled mutton: Less money and earnings the hard way. (8) Eating grilled mutton: The dreamer will nibble at his son?s earnings. (9) Eating underdone meat: Trouble from the son?s side.? (10) Grilling cow meat:? (a) The end of fear.? (b) If the wife is pregnant, she should expect a son.? (11) Eating beef: Will meet the ruler.? (12) Eating grilled veal: Earnings and fertility.? (13) Eating grilled kid? (baby goat): Will have a male child.? (14) Grilled camel meat:? (a) Fear will disappear.? (b) A reference to a boy versed in literature and overcoming all obstacles.? (c) If the meat is underdone, the boy will not be smart at his job.? (d) Joy and prosperity.? (e) The marriage of a bachelor.? (f) Harmony and love.? (g) The return of a traveller.? (h) The cutting of one?s bread? (end of livelihood).? (i) Prison.? (j) Complications.? (k) The splitting up of families.? (l) Fevers.? (15) Seeing a grilled part of a camel talking to you: A favourable turn of events and escape from peril.

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Stocking Dream Explanation

Stocking Dream Explanation ? (Sock) In a dream, stockings represent wealth and prevention, as long as they are not worn. Once seen worn in a dream, they mean business losses. If one's mother is alive, it means that he will migrate with her to another country, or it could mean that she will be deprived of her son. If the socks are new and have a clean smell in the dream, it means that one regularly pays his due alms, that he is praised for his character and that his money will grow in a lawful way. If his socks are old or emit bad odors in the dream, it means that he withholds paying the obligatory alms tax, that he is uncharitable, worthy of blame and that his wealth will quickly disappear.

Disappear dreams FAQs:

Seeing Disappear dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Disappear dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Disappear dream Refer to Disappear islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Disappear very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Disappear?

There are different meanings of Disappear dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Disappear dream Refer to above Disappear islamic dream interpretation.

What do Disappear symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Disappear dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Disappear dream Refer to above Disappear islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Disappear in dream?

Disappear dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Disappear dream Refer to above Disappear islamic dream explanations.

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