Islamic dream interpretation of Divorced, Explanation & Meaning for Divorced dreams

Below Divorced dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Toilet Dream Explanation

Toilet Dream Explanation ? ? The depth of the toilet?s pit means that the wife knows how to manage her own affairs and look after the house. ? Seeing blood in the toilet pit: The dreamer will sleep with his wife during her menses. ? The toilet hole being filled to the brim: The wife is too careful to the extent of being austere and is preventing her husband from overspending. ? Stirring whatever is in the toilet pit with a wooden stick: There is a divorced woman in the dreamer?s house. ? The toilet pit being full without the dreamer fearing that it overflows: His wife is pregnant. ? Sweeping the floor of the toilet: Will become poor. ? Falling and drowning in the toilet pit: Will go to jail. ? Pouring milk or pissing milk or honey in the toilet: The dreamer is a sodomite. ? Being locked in the toilet: Will die.

Amazaki Dream Explanation

Amazaki Dream Explanation ? (Japanese fermented rice drink; slightly sweetened and a non-alcoholic drink also found in Egypt) Drinking amazaki in a dream means comfort and prosperity. If an unmarried man sees himself drinking this fermented rice drink in a dream, it may mean that he considers it lawful to live unmarried with divorced women.


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Pot Dream Explanation

Pot Dream Explanation ? (Cooking pot; Vessel) In a dream, a cooking pot represents one's wife, his livelihood and home, while the lid represents the husband. If the pot looks in a good condition and of value in one's dream, then it represents his nobility and honor. A pottery cookware salesman in a dream represents comfort and one does not need to travel to earn his livelihood, while a copper cookware or other types of cookware salesman in a dream represent a livelihood based on travelling from door to door. A cooking pot in a dream also represents a scholar or a man of knowledge who is sitting in the teacher's chair, while the meat, vegetables and spices inside the pot represent his knowledge, wisdom and their benefits for the seeker. A pot on fire with water boiling inside it in a dream represents a divorced woman.

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Manumission Dream Explanation

Manumission Dream Explanation ? (Abraham; Ismail; Immolation; Liberation) Manumission of a slave in a dream represents a ritual sacrifice, or the offering of an animal during the Feats of Immolation, on the 10th day of the Arabic month of Zul-Hijjah, and following the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. If one gives permission to his wife to leave him in a dream, it means that they will be divorced. If a bondman sees himself liberated in a dream, it means that he or his master may die shortly.

Dates Dream Explanation

Dates Dream Explanation ? Dates placed to dry in the open represent money which does not last. To harvest dates in a dream in season means that one may get married to a noble and a wealthy woman. It also means acquiring knowledge. Harvesting dates out of season in a dream means that one will learn something good but fail to act upon it. If one see that he is fanning himself with a tender and a wet branch of a palm tree in a dream it means learning something beneficial from a hypocrite, or it may mean relief from distress. If a woman sees herself eating ripened dates that are dripping with juices in the dream, it means that she will receive an inheritance from her husband and that her name will be included in his will, even if she is divorced. If one sees himself taking a date, splitting it in half and extracting the date pit from it in a dream, it means that he will beget a son. Eating fresh dates in a dream means hearing good words beside other benefits. (Also see Bunch of dates; Date spread)

Silver Dream Explanation

Silver Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing one?s wife wearing two earrings of gold and silver or one of gold and the other of silver: The dreamer will divorce her. A man once went to a dream interpreter and told him, ?I dreamed that my wife was wearing a ring, half gold and half silver.? The interpreter said, ?You divorced her twice, and there remains only the last time.? ?Yes,? conceded the man. ? A man seeing himself wearing a silver earring: He will memorize all the Holy Quran. If the man is honest, he will have beautiful maids, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that says: ?Round about them will serve,? (devoted) to the, youths? (handsome) as pearls well-guarded.?? (?Al-Tur? [The Mount], verse 24) , and other verses that say: ?And? (there will be) companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes, like unto pearls well-guarded.?? (?Al-Waqiah? [The Event], verses 22?23.)

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Iddah Dream Explanation

Iddah Dream Explanation ? (arb. Mourning period. A prescribed waiting period of three month during which a divorced or a widowed woman may not remarry. Islamic Law) If a woman sees herself in a dream observing the Iddah period, it signifies distress, adversities, trouble, concern, sickness, or divorce. If she is observing the Iddah period because of her husband's death in the dream, it means her divorce, or the death of her husband, mother, father, or anyone for whose sake one will renounce comfort, beautiful clothing, tasty food, the pleasures of this world and the company of others.

Divorce Dream Explanation

Divorce Dream Explanation ? For instance, if a married or sick man dreams that he has divorced his wife three times, at once this would mean that the loss of his livelihood or his demise will be irreversible or imminent, the wife being regarded as the husband?s life and crown. If one dreams of divorcing one?s unique wife this means loss of dignity, pride, position, or authority, temporarily or definitively, depending on the degree of the divorce. It could also mean that the dreamer will have a dispute with another man, will strongly reprimand a friend for a disappointing gesture, or will himself be incriminated. ? Divorcing: The dreamer will be laid off, deposed or dispensed with, or will part from his chief. A more optimistic interpretation is that God will take care of the dreamer?s needs.

Preacher Dream Explanation

Preacher Dream Explanation ? If an unqualified person sees himself delivering a sermon during the pilgrimage season in a dream, in this case his dream may refer to someone in his company who will do so, or it may mean that he will suffer from an illness or a mishap. If he delivers a sermon and people hearken to his words in the dream, it means that he will become a respected and obeyed guardian or leader. If he does not finish his sermon in the dream, it means that his guardianship will not last, or that he will resign or be fired from his job. If a woman sees herself delivering a sermon and admonishing people in a dream, it means that she will gain power, or marry a strong and a righteous man. If she sees herself giving a sermon on Friday's congregational prayers in a dream, it means that she will be divorced, or conceive a child from adultery. (Also see Friday; Setting out)

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