Islamic dream interpretation of Drunk, Explanation & Meaning for Drunk dreams

Below Drunk dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Drunkenness Dream Explanation

Drunkenness Dream Explanation ? (Inebriety) Drunkenness in a dream represents unhappiness, stress, depression, worries, vanity, arrogance, wantonness and abuse of riches. Wine in a dream represents the king of drinks. If one gets drunk from wine, then tears off his shirt in the dream, it means that he has put his life in order and has it harmoniously organized. It also means that he has abused his privileges by indulging in vain pleasures of living to such a degree that he could not bear to live with such comfort or control his passions and wants. If one is seen drinking wine to inebriety in a dream, it means that he earns unlawful money. It also means that such earnings will seem to have power over him in the way of spending them. To become drunk in a dream without drinking alcohol means feeblemindedness or childishness of an old man.

Rain Dream Explanation

Rain Dream Explanation ? ? Abundant rain all over the place: Prosperity, joy, and the discovery of new springs. ? Rain falling in a specific place: Sorrow for the people of that area or the dreamer himself, who will lose a dear one. Rain racing the dreamer: Abundant means. ? Drinking pristine rainwater: Welfare. ? Drinking troubled rainwater: The dreamer will be ill as much as he had drunk in your dream. ? Raining honey, good fruits, ghee, milk, or oil: Prosperity. ? General and harmful rain, like the sky raining blood or stones:? (1) Sins and disregard of God?s commands.? (2) A travel project will be stalled. ? Damaging rain in a specific area:? (1) Cheating in weights and measures.? (2) Sodomy.


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Drinking Sea Water Dream Explanation

Drinking Sea Water Dream Explanation ? If a person dreams that he is drinking sea water and the water is not turbid or muddy nor are any waves seen in such waters it means he will acquire as much of the wealth of this world as the amount of water he had drunk. Moreover he shall lead a clean and happy life. But if the water is brackish or filthy or the ocean is shrouded in darkness or the water assumes the form of huge, frightening waves it suggest he will be afflicted with grief, fear and hardship, the intensity of which will depend on how much of the above conditions prevail in the water or ocean.

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Drunkenness Dream Explanation

Drunkenness Dream Explanation ? ? (Also see Wine.) Drunkenness is a bad dream for both men and women, as it is a sign of great ignorance and complications, except for someone who experiences fear. It symbolizes worries and sorrow. ? Being drunk:? (1) The dreamer is rich and thankless.? (2) For a religious person, the dreamer is drunk from the love of God. ? Getting drunk from wine: The dreamer is under a strong influence? (empire) or has influence and money.

The Milk of a Female Mule Dream Explanation

The Milk of a Female Mule Dream Explanation ? The milk of a female mule does not augur well for the one who drinks it. Though he will receive some good he will experience much hardships depending on how much milk he had drunk.

Vomit Dream Explanation

Vomit Dream Explanation ? ? Holding back the vomit: The dreamer will retain awe and prestige. ? Drinking wine without getting drunk, then vomiting: The dreamer will take dirty money and restore it. ? Drinking wine, getting drunk, and vomiting: The dreamer is a miser who spends very little on his children and family and regrets what he has spent. ? Seeing one?s bowels coming out of the mouth: Children will die. ? Very strong vomiting with hiccough: The dreamer will pass away. ? Vomiting plenty of bright red blood: The dreamer will have a child. If it is collected in a container, the child will live; if it flows on the ground, the baby will die quickly. This kind of dream had by a poor person could mean money and plenty of riches. For whoever wants to deceive people it is a bad dream because it means his secret is coming out.

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Drunkenness Dream Explanation

Drunkenness Dream Explanation ? Drunkenness in a dream is a bad sign, for both men and women for it denotes ignorance and complication in one's life. However, if a scared person sees himself drunk in a dream, it means that he will overcome his fears. Pretending to be drunk in a dream means a false claim. Such a person also may be inflicted with an untrue accusation in wakefulness as a lesson, so perhaps he may refrain from false claims and he will come out of such false adversity as though he is drunk without drinking. If a pious person sees himself drunk in a dream, it could represent his love for Allah Almighty. (Also see Intoxicants)

Intoxication Dream Explanation

Intoxication Dream Explanation ? Intoxication without drinking wine suggest something unfavourable, for Allah Ta'ala says: you shall see mankind as drunk, yet they are not drunk: but (the truth is that) the punishment of Allah is dreadful.

Drunkenness Dream Explanation

Drunkenness Dream Explanation ? ? Getting drunk and tearing one?s clothes: The dreamer is of the type who cannot behave properly when prosperous. Blessings are too much for him. He is ungrateful and has no self-control. ? Getting drunk without wine:? (1) Terror as much as the dreamer was drunk.? (2) False pretense.? (3) A calamity that will knock the dreamer down.

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Mule Milk Dream Explanation

Mule Milk Dream Explanation ? If drunk, it symbolises terror and hardship.

Vomit Dream Explanation

Vomit Dream Explanation ? If one vomits inside a basin in a dream, it means repentance from his wrongdoing, or it could mean giving a woman a share from unlawful money. If one suffers during vomiting and finds the taste disgusting in his dream, it means that he is forced to confess and apologize for his wrongdoing, though he does not like being caught. It could also mean paying damages, health problems, or it could mean a financial misfortune. Vomiting blood in one's dream means repentance from sin, restraining oneself from indulging in what is forbidden, or it could mean satisfying one's debts, or fulfillment of a vow. If one drinks wine, then vomits the same in his dream, it means that he has received some tainted or unlawful money that he will remit to its rightful owner and repent for his sin. If one gets drunk then throws up in his dream, it means that he is a stingy person who does not take good care of his own family.

Hell Dream Explanation

Hell Dream Explanation ? ? Dreaming of having entered Hell:? (1) The dreamer is committing such sins and abominations as would deserve capital punishment.? (2) The dreamer will serve as a judge. ? Having been introduced to Hell: The person who pushed the dreamer into Hell is misleading him and inciting him to commit abominations. ? Having come out unscathed from the Inferno: The dreamer will be immersed in troubles. ? Dreaming of having drunk from the lava of Hell or eaten something from its fuel:

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Drunk dreams FAQs:

Seeing Drunk dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Drunk dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Drunk dream Refer to Drunk islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Drunk very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Drunk?

There are different meanings of Drunk dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Drunk dream Refer to above Drunk islamic dream interpretation.

What do Drunk symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Drunk dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Drunk dream Refer to above Drunk islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Drunk in dream?

Drunk dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Drunk dream Refer to above Drunk islamic dream explanations.

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