Islamic dream interpretation of Eaten, Explanation & Meaning for Eaten dreams

Below Eaten dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Hell Dream Explanation

Hell Dream Explanation ? ? Dreaming of having entered Hell:? (1) The dreamer is committing such sins and abominations as would deserve capital punishment.? (2) The dreamer will serve as a judge. ? Having been introduced to Hell: The person who pushed the dreamer into Hell is misleading him and inciting him to commit abominations. ? Having come out unscathed from the Inferno: The dreamer will be immersed in troubles. ? Dreaming of having drunk from the lava of Hell or eaten something from its fuel:

Pomegranate Dream Explanation

Pomegranate Dream Explanation ? Eating pomegranate seeds in a dream means earning easy money. A pomegranate in a dream also represents savings. If it is ripened and tastes sweet, it represents a beautiful woman, a town, a son, a one thousand dollars, a one hundred dollars, or ten dollars depending on the type of work one performs. If a pomegranate is eaten unripened in the dream, it represents suspicious money. As for a ruler or a governor, a pomegranate in a dream represents a city. If he brakes one in a dream, it means that he will conquer or rule that city. The skin of a pomegranate represents the city's walls, its seeds represent its people and its juices represent its resources, industries and wealth.


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Eating a Goat or its Limb Dream Explanation

Eating a Goat or its Limb Dream Explanation ? A Child of his will die in that place if it is eaten fresh, without cooking.

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Fasting Dream Explanation

Fasting Dream Explanation ? Dreams about fasting have contradictory interpretations: ? Dreaming of being in the Muslims? month of fasting? (Ramadan):? (1) Higher prices? (inflation) and scarcity of foodstuffs.? (2) Sound religion, end of worries, recovery from a disease, the settlement of debts. ? Having fasted the entire month of Ramadan:? (1) Certainty after doubt.? (2) If the dreamer was illiterate, he would memorize the Holy Quran. ? Dreaming of recognizing the utility of fasting and wishing to fast: Quick benefits from an unexpected source. ? Failing to fast during the month of Ramadan:? (1) The dreamer is giving way to his instinct and passions.? (2) The dreamer will have a blessed journey. ? Dreaming of having deliberately and overtly eaten throughout the month of Ramadan, instead of fasting like other Muslims:? (1) The dreamer is disregarding religious rules.? (2) The dreamer will commit a premeditated murder.

Fillets of Fresh Fish Dream Explanation

Fillets of Fresh Fish Dream Explanation ? If the fillets, fat or skin of fresh fish is eaten or acquired by a person it means he will acquire wealth and assets from someone. Perhaps from some authority or woman.

Blood Dream Explanation

Blood Dream Explanation ? Spilt blood symbolizes disease or rather a plague, an epidemic. A small quantity of blood, as in an expectoration, refers to the household or those members of the family living under the dreamer?s roof and other relatives? (in some cases, those amongst them who are squandering the dreamer?s money). It also means evil that will ultimately be driven away. Vomiting blood is a sign that the dreamer will repent after committing a sin or holding undue money and that he will discharge whatever he had been entrusted with. Blood also represents the dreamer?s life, power, money, lord, sponsor, helpers, or clothes that cover his body and make him look decent or earn him people?s praise. It could also symbolize his semen, which weakens him every time it comes out. Likewise, it could refer to illicit gains or to whoever has eaten up money that was not his. Excessive bleeding or a haemorrhage means that support and assistance will be impeded or stalled on the part of the father, the son, or the partner or that the dreamer will sell some of his indispensable clothes or be separated from a beloved one? (wife, et cetera).

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Sour Pomegranate Dream Explanation

Sour Pomegranate Dream Explanation ? If a sour pomegranate is eaten, it means he will be afflicted with grief and sorrow. The same applies to any sour fruit.

Human Flesh Dream Explanation

Human Flesh Dream Explanation ? If cooked or roasted it symbolises wealth. If uncooked it means backbiting ?if eaten. For Allah Taala says; Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you will abhor it.

Gourd Dream Explanation

Gourd Dream Explanation ? The gourd, also called vegetable marrow, pumpkin, squash, and winter squash, alludes to the recovery of a sick person. Its vine is a knowledgeable man or a blessed and sociable doctor who benefits people. It could also refer to a poor man. A gourd is favoured by most interpreters, like meat and eggs. ? Eating cooked gourd: The dreamer will find an errant, memorize knowledge, or gather something scattered, as much as he had eaten of the gourd.

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Flesh Dream Explanation

Flesh Dream Explanation ? Views on certain items of this chapter are widely divided and sometimes diametrically opposed. For instance, according to Al-Nabulsi: ? Eating somebody?s flesh: Will speak ill of such a person in his absence. ? Eating one?s own flesh: Will eat up gains. According to Ibn Siren, will eat away savings or whatever is hoarded. For Ibn Shaheen: ? Eating human flesh: Financial gains in any case. If the person whose flesh is being eaten is known to the dreamer, the latter will take a bite at the victim?s purse or property. In case the dreamer is eating such flesh voraciously and with great appetite while blood is spilling imminent, unquestionable, and huge financial gains will be achieved.

Bread Dream Explanation

Bread Dream Explanation ? Eating bread with its crusts in a dream is like eating honey with its beeswax. Oven fresh bread when eaten in one's dream is best. Bread in a dream represents woman's chastity. Bread made with bleached flour means living a clean life, having pure knowledge, or a beautiful wife. If a student sees himself distributing bread among poor people in a dream, it means that he will attain his goals and succeed in his studies. If he is a preacher, it means that people are accepting his admonitions and advice. Otherwise, if he sees people crowding over him to get their bread in the dream, it means that people will seek what he has to offer. In that case, his position is better than theirs, for the giving hand is better than the receiving one. If one sees a deceased person offering him a piece of bread in a dream, it means that he will receive unexpected money from an unsolicited source.

Quince Dream Explanation

Quince Dream Explanation ? A quince in a dream also represents a beautiful and a noble woman. Many interpreters disliked the quince fruit because of its yellowish color, and they mostly qualify it to mean sickness because of the constipation it causes if eaten raw. However, its yellowish color also can be interpreted as the color of gold. Seeing or eating a quince in a dream also means travelling with good companions, though some of them may be of no benefit. However, in general a quince or a quince tree in a dream can still be interpreted in a positive sense under all circumstances.

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Flesh Dream Explanation

Flesh Dream Explanation ? According to Ibn Siren, it makes no difference whether the eaten person is a man or a woman, but the younger the subject, the more likely the dream will come true. ? Eating another person?s flesh raw: Will slander that person or backbite one of his relatives. ? Eating another person?s flesh cooked or grilled: Will swallow the other?s capital. ? Biting and snatching one?s own flesh and spitting it on the ground: The dreamer is an evil person and a slanderer.

Droppings of Animals that are not Eaten Dream Explanation

Droppings of Animals that are not Eaten Dream Explanation ? It symbolises haraam wealth.

Barley Dream Explanation

Barley Dream Explanation ? Whether fresh or dried, cooked or baked, eaten or merely possessed, all symbolise lawful sustenance.

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Paradise Dream Explanation

Paradise Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing oneself in Paradise: The dreamer will acquire wisdom and knowledge. ? Entering Paradise with a smile: The dreamer is recalling God very often. ? Unsheathing one?s sword and entering Paradise: The dreamer is advocating and promoting virtue and dissuading from vice. He will be praised and rewarded for his actions. ? Sitting under the Joy Tree: The dreamer will have the best of two worlds in view of the verse in the Holy Quran that says: ?Those who believe and do right: Joy is for them, and bliss? (their) journey?s end.?? (?Al-Raad? [The Thunder], verse 29.) ? Seeing oneself in Paradise?s parks and gardens: The dreamer will be blessed with fidelity and religious perfection. ? Eating some of the fruits of Paradise: The dreamer will acquire learning, as much as was eaten. ? Drinking some of the water, wine, or milk of Paradise: The dreamer will acquire wisdom and knowledge and become prosperous.

Apples Dream Explanation

Apples Dream Explanation ? It symbolises a man's trade, his income as well as his courage. Hence, if a king sees himself eating it, it symbolises his kingdom. If a trader sees it, it symbolises his trade. Therefore, if a person sees himself as acquiring or eating one, it means he will acquire wealth proportionate to the freshness, taste and extent of the apple he has eaten : if it was sweet, the wealth will be excellent; if fresh, it will be of good quality; if little, he will acquire little; if a great deal, he will acquire it in abundance.

Eating a Sweet Pomegranate Dream Explanation

Eating a Sweet Pomegranate Dream Explanation ? Whether eaten entirely or partially, it means he will receive assets, leaving him richer and wealthier than before.

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Medlar tree Dream Explanation

Medlar tree Dream Explanation ? (Crab apple; Crataegus azarolus; Mespilus germanica) Eating a bitter tasting apple like fruit of the medlar tree or any of such varieties that are also used in making preserves, or eaten yellow, spoiled, or unripened in a dream means a sickness. The more yellowish is its color in the dream, the more pain and suffering such an sickness will bring. Eating a green medlar fruit in a dream represents no such danger. Eating any yellowish fruit in a dream represents a sickness, except for citron, apples, or the lotus fruit, for their yellow color in the dream does not cause any harm, since their substance is a viable medicinal cure.

Watermelon Dream Explanation

Watermelon Dream Explanation ? A green one symbolises livelihood. A yellow one symbolises illness if it is eaten.

Eaten dreams FAQs:

Seeing Eaten dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Eaten dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Eaten dream Refer to Eaten islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Eaten very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Eaten?

There are different meanings of Eaten dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Eaten dream Refer to above Eaten islamic dream interpretation.

What do Eaten symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Eaten dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Eaten dream Refer to above Eaten islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Eaten in dream?

Eaten dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Eaten dream Refer to above Eaten islamic dream explanations.

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