Islamic dream interpretation of Engaged someone, Explanation & Meaning for Engaged someone dreams

Below Engaged someone dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Incident - The Ruler and His Justice Dream Explanation

Incident - The Ruler and His Justice Dream Explanation ? A dream interpreter once said: "I saw a ruler sitting in a high place, and people were looking at him. I interpreted my dream to mean the ruler's death and people's deliberation of his work. A few months later, the ruler died, and people engaged in talking about his deeds and judging of his work."

Mangy Dream Explanation

Mangy Dream Explanation ? If his illness forms puss in the dream, it means hard earned money that will also cause headache. Such a disease means money for a poor person and it could mean leadership for a rich person. Following this trail of thinking, mangy or any skin disease in a dream signify less harm compared to other diseases. If an employees experiences such skin disorder in a dream, it means that he does not qualify to work in that company. If it is one's son in the dream, it means that he will disobey his father concerning an undesired friendship. If it is one's wife in the dream, it means that she is engaged in something awful that will bring shame to the entire family.

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Mattress Dream Explanation

Mattress Dream Explanation ? A black mattress in the dream represents a woman who is engaged in doing something for other than Allah's pleasure. Buying a new and a beautiful looking mattress in a dream means marriage to a chaste and a beautiful woman. If the new mattress is torn or damaged in the dream, it means living with an impious woman. Changing the place of one's bed in a dream means divorce. If one finds himself unable to sleep on his bed in a dream, it means that he cannot have marital relationship with his wife, or perhaps he could be suffering from impotence.

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Ribs Dream Explanation

Ribs Dream Explanation ? If one sees his ribs standing out, or exposed in a dream, he may face punishment for a crime or a sin he has committed. If one's ribs grow strong and the flesh surrounding them becomes healthier in a dream, then they represent prosperity, recovering from an illness, gaining weight, or growing fat. If one sees himself in a dream without ribs, it means that he will lose what the ribs represent of either a wife, a child, money or perhaps, he could have engaged in something wrong, thinking it to be right. One's ribs in a dream also mean a sickness, or bending of one's shoulders because of old age. Eating one's own ribs in a dream means becoming a burden to his family and relatives, or it could mean that he may sell wood for living, or work at a lumberyard. (Also see Body)

Limping Dream Explanation

Limping Dream Explanation ? (Hitching; Jerking; Lameness) Limping in a dream means becoming incapacitated, or being unable to conclude a project one is pursuing. Limping in a dream also means acquiring knowledge, understanding one's religion, or growing in wisdom. Limping in a dream also means travels. If the limping is caused by one's right leg in the dream, it could mean that an illness will inflict one's son, If the limping has affected the left leg in the dream, it could mean that one's daughter will be engaged.

Underground granary Dream Explanation

Underground granary Dream Explanation ? If the stored grain turns into dirt in a dream, it means that market prices will come down, or it could mean the loss of one's investment. Seeing a granary filled with food in a dream means that one's wife is pregnant. If a fire consumes the stored grain in a dream, it means rising prices. If one sees a granary filled with sugar or dates in a dream, it means that prices will stabilize and become attainable, while the type of food stored therein will be in limited supplies and consequently, its price will rise. If a sick person falls into an underground granary in a dream, it means his death, or drowning in the sea, or facing a highway robbery. As for one who is engaged in a fight, an underground granary in his dream represents a prison or a visit to a brothel.

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Duel Dream Explanation

Duel Dream Explanation ? ? Saber rattling: The dreamer will be at loggerheads and break with and, fight someone, as the crossing of swords marks the beginning of a fight. The swords also allude to warriors. ? Being engaged in a duel: Will marry a rebellious woman. ? The adversary using a saber in a duel: The dreamer will marry a rich and deceitful woman, but who loves poor people?rich because the armour covers part of the body, deceitful because the saber is not straight, and affectionate to the poor because the saber, of course, does not hide the entire body, says Ibn Siren.

Lesbianism Dream Explanation

Lesbianism Dream Explanation ? ? A woman dreaming that she has a pair of testicles: Might bear twins. ? A lady eating another woman?s flesh: Will have a lesbian experience with her or each of them will try to overpower the other physically or otherwise. ? A woman having sex with another: Will confide her secrets and share the views and acts of her homosexual partner. If she does not know her lesbian mate, she will do something wrong. ? A woman who has a man of her own dreaming that another female has engaged her in sexual intercourse: Will part from that man, become a widow, and as the days go by share secrets with her lesbian sex partner. ? A woman dreaming that she has turned into a man: Good luck and benefit from her husband.

Leg Dream Explanation

Leg Dream Explanation ? The legs symbolize a man?s stature, wealth, and means of living on which he relies. They also refer to his life and to his parents. ? Having iron legs: Will live long. ? One?s legs made of glass or looking like bottles: Will go bankrupt, lose one?s folk, and die, because glass is easily breakable and bottles do not last long. ? Having an ailment in the right leg or the latter being broken or snatched out and seeing a wound on it: Son will be ill. The same dream applied to the left leg means that daughter will become engaged or the dreamer?s wife will give birth to a girl.

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Head Dream Explanation

Head Dream Explanation ? ? A capitalist dreaming that his head has been severed: Will lose his capital. ? Owning a head: Will have a capital of at least one thousand monetary units. ? Eating one?s own head or some of the bones of the skull: Will eat up one?s capital. ? Having two or three heads:? (1) If engaged in a duel: Will beat the adversary.? (2) If poor: Will get rich.? (3) If rich: Will have good children.? (4) If a bachelor: Will get married and obtain what is desired. ? A merchant seeing himself upside-down: Will suffer a setback in his business. ? A man seeing himself hanging upside-down:? (1) Will have a long life, but full of toiling.? (2) Will be blamed.

Dispute Dream Explanation

Dispute Dream Explanation ? (Controversy; Quarrel) If one sees himself quarrelling with someone in a dream, it means that he will suffer extreme pressure, stress and sorrow. If one is engaged in a dispute in a dream, it means that he is wrong and must rectify the situation and make peace with the other person. If he does so, it means that he will win what his heart desires.

Tavern Dream Explanation

Tavern Dream Explanation ? A tavern in a dream means getting high after feeling low and depressed. It also means dispelling one's strains and distress, or it could represents a prostitute, an abused woman, or adversities because of the damages and liabilities a tavern may bring. If one promises to do something, then if he sees a tavern in his dream, the tavern then represents the terms of his agreement, or that he is engaged in a shabby or a covert action against his boss. If a sick person sees himself in a tavern in a dream, it means that his time is up. If a pious person sees himself entering a tavern in a dream, it means that he may be lured into temptation.

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Sanitation Dream Explanation

Sanitation Dream Explanation ? (Garbage; Refuse; Sweeping) Sanitation in a dream means profits for its professionals, a street sweeper, or a garbage collector. If a poor person sees himself engaged in such a profession in his dream, it means easing of his difficulties, and making money from a new employment. If a rich person sees himself managing such a business in his dream, it means profits, leadership, honor and earning everyone's respect. (Also see Garbage; Sweeping the floor; Trash collector)

Sewing Seeds Dream Explanation

Sewing Seeds Dream Explanation ? The one who plants the seeds will accomplish good work or he will be engaged in doing social work.

Old woman Dream Explanation

Old woman Dream Explanation ? If one is engaged in an important project and sees himself sleeping with an old woman in a dream, it means that his project will not succeed. An old woman in a dream also represents non-arable land. If one sees her wearing a veil in the dream, it means that he will meet with hardships and regret. If one sees an ugly old woman, or a hag in a dream, it means adversities and war. If a young woman sees herself as an old woman in a dream, it means earning respect and dignity. An unknown old woman in a dream also represents a bad crop for that year. If one sees an old woman descending from the skies and people are wondering about her, she represents the passing year. Seeing an ugly old woman in a dream also could mean glad tidings of an ending war, or the end of drought.

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Incident - Seeing Two Sheeps fightings right next to your wife Dream Explanation

Incident - Seeing Two Sheeps fightings right next to your wife Dream Explanation ? Ibn Sirin (RA) was approached by a person who said that he saw a very shameful and disturbing dream and that he was ashamed to reveal it because of its nature. The Imaam asked him to write down the dream on a sheet of paper. He wrote that he had been away from home for three months. During his absence he dreamed that he has returned home, finding this wife asleep on her bed while two sheep with horns were engaged in battle near her bed. The one injured the other. Because of this dream he has avoided approaching his wife and yet, by Allah, he loved her a great deal. When the Imaam read this letter, he said to him not to leave his wife as she was a chaste and honourable woman. He explained the dream thus: ?When she heard that you were returning home shortly, in fact you were almost home, she urgently sought for something with which to remove her public hair.

Ashes Dream Explanation

Ashes Dream Explanation ? (Coal; Fire; Fumes; Oven) In a dream, ashes represent unlawful money or they could mean burns. Ashes in a dream are also interpreted to mean money one will receive from someone in authority or directly from the government. Seeing ashes then mean difficulties or toiling for no benefit in the service of a person in authority. Ashes in a dream also mean vain talk, or a knowledge one cannot benefit from. If one sees himself carrying a container filled with ashes in a dream, it means that he is engaged in falsehood, backbiting or in acquiring useless knowledge.

Fight Dream Explanation

Fight Dream Explanation ? In a dream, a fight means deception, betrayal, misleading or trickery. A fight in a dream also means inflation and rising prices, plague, food lines, adversities or stress. If a soldier sees himself engaged in a battle in a dream, it means that he will receive benefits and a rewarding success. Fighting unjust people in a dream means triumph over injustice, supporting the needs of one's father or mother first, or being protective of one's wife or husband. Fighting against the truth in a dream means aligning oneself with heedless people or going astray. (Also see Disbelief; Killing; War; Wrestling)

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Statue Dream Explanation

Statue Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself worshiping a statue in a dream, it means that he is engaged in falsehood, giving preference to his personal desires and passions over obeying his Lord's commands. If one sees himself worshiping a golden statue in a dream, it means that he will solicit business from someone who worships Allah Almighty, though he will also suffer losses from such an association. It also means that he will lose his investment and it will show the weakness of his faith. If one sees himself worshiping a statue made of silver in the dream, it means that he uses his religion to make business out of it, or to betray others through it, or that he will solicit the help of someone to do evil, or that he may sexually abuse a young girl who trusts his religious appearance.

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Seeing Engaged someone dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Engaged someone dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Engaged someone dream Refer to Engaged someone islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Engaged someone very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Engaged someone?

There are different meanings of Engaged someone dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Engaged someone dream Refer to above Engaged someone islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Engaged someone dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Engaged someone dream Refer to above Engaged someone islamic dream symbols.

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Engaged someone dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Engaged someone dream Refer to above Engaged someone islamic dream explanations.

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