Islamic dream interpretation of Eyesight, Explanation & Meaning for Eyesight dreams

Below Eyesight dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Eyesight Dream Explanation

Eyesight Dream Explanation ? Weaker eyesight means weaker religious faith. ? Using kohl, or antimony powder, to improve one?s eyesight: Will recover or have stronger religious faith. ? Dreaming that one?s eyesight is weaker than people think: Deep inside, the dreamer is not as religious as he appears to be. ? One?s eyesight being sharper than people think: What the dreamer keeps in his heart is better than what he proclaims.

Crown Dream Explanation

Crown Dream Explanation ? If the crown is made of gold in the dream, it means that she will marry an old man whom she will shortly inherit. If an unjust ruler sees himself wearing a golden crown in a dream, it means that he will lose his eyesight, while if he sees himself wearing a golden crown inlaid with gems in the dream, it means establishing trading interests with a foreign country. If a woman's crown is stolen in a dream, it means the death of her husband. (Also see Turban)


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Yusuf Dream Explanation

Yusuf Dream Explanation ? The prophet Yusuf? (Joseph) talking to the dreamer or giving him something: Will become an expert in the interpretation of dreams, as well as history and its chronology. ? Seeing Yusuf: (1) The science of dream interpretation. (2) Kingship and succession. (3) The loss of one?s family, children, and other relatives. (4) A machination against the dreamer. (5) Drought and high prices, as was the case in his time.63 (6) Prison and release from prison. (7) Luck with women, as Yusuf is said to have been of an unequalled beauty. (8) Victory over the enemy, followed by a pardon. (9) An allusion to seas, rivers, and drainage facilities.? (10) The transportation of the remains of dead persons from one country to another.? (11) An outstanding miracle such as the one that happened to Yusuf?s father when he recovered his eyesight and he received the shirt sent to him by his son.? (12) Will be the least lucky among his brothers, who will be so wicked as to let him go to jail, but he will then be saved by God, his brothers, will submit to his authority, and he will forgive them along with other enemies.

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An Ass with Weak Eyesight Dream Explanation

An Ass with Weak Eyesight Dream Explanation ? Seeing an ass with weak eyesight means that matters relating to his livelihood will become confusing and difficult. The same applies to seeing an ass which has only one eye.

Eye Dream Explanation

Eye Dream Explanation ? ? One?s eye becoming dim: The dreamer is eyeing a friendly woman indecently. ? Having weak eyesight:? (1) The dreamer needs people?s help and is going adrift.? (2) The dreamer?s children will be ill. ? The eyes falling on one?s knees: Death of a brother and a son or any two other dear persons. ? Seeing a slave girl? (the word in Arabic meaning ?A running one?) or a couple of eyes flying rapidly in the sky: Will make money from business or a craft.

Shuaib Dream Explanation

Shuaib Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing the prophet Shuaib:? (1) Will be cheated and harmed by people who deliberately weight wrongly or trick the balance, but will ultimately triumph over them.? (2) God will bless the dreamer with female children who will give him a lot of joy. ? Seeing Shuaib whose color has changed: The dreamer will lose his eyesight.

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Ophtalmia Dream Explanation

Ophtalmia Dream Explanation ? Ophtalmia, or soreness of the eye, indicates that the dreamer is deviating from the truth and losing religious faith. Paradoxically, it could also mean that the subject is about to become rich. Other interpretations would have it that the dreamer will experience worries on the part of his children. Dreaming that ophtalmia has not reduced the eyesight means the dreamer is unjustly accused of religious misbehaviour and will be compensated by God for this damage.

Yaaqoub Dream Explanation

Yaaqoub Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing The Prophet Yaaqoub? (Jacob):? (1) Will Become Strong And Obviously Rich And Be Blessed With Marriage And Mighty Children Who Will Bring The Dreamer Sorrow, Though, Of Which He Will Later Be Relieved And Rendered Happy? (2) Will come closer to God by worshiping and obeying Him and through charity.? (3) A plight will make the dreamer?s brothers feel sorry for him. He might even see his eyesight weakening or lose it completely, then recover it, by God?s will.? (4) Will have some sort of disease, receive a penalty, or face an ordeal because of a son, but all those will come to a happy ending.

Eyesight dreams FAQs:

Seeing Eyesight dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Eyesight dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Eyesight dream Refer to Eyesight islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Eyesight very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Eyesight?

There are different meanings of Eyesight dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Eyesight dream Refer to above Eyesight islamic dream interpretation.

What do Eyesight symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Eyesight dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Eyesight dream Refer to above Eyesight islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Eyesight in dream?

Eyesight dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Eyesight dream Refer to above Eyesight islamic dream explanations.

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