Islamic dream interpretation of Faces, Explanation & Meaning for Faces dreams

Below Faces dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Flying Dream Explanation

Flying Dream Explanation ? According to Al-Nabulsi, if the dreamer has too many aspirations and is a vain person, any dream involving flying is null and void. For others: ? Dreaming repeatedly of flying:? (1) The dreamer has many wishes.? (2) The dreamer is frivolous and uncontrollable when angry.? (3) The dreamer is happy.? (4) The dreamer is superstitious and draws an evil omen from certain things. ? Flying: Travelling. The best dream in this section is that in which the flying is in the direction of the Qiblah, the place toward which worshipers turn their faces when they pray. At first, it was Al-Aqsa Mosque in Al-Quds? (Jerusalem), and now it is Mecca (Makkah).

Tongue Dream Explanation

Tongue Dream Explanation ? Having two tongues in a dream also means backbiting others, or having two faces with people, for people say that so-and so has two tongues or two faces. If the second tongue does not impede the person from speaking in the dream, then it denotes his truthfulness, love and affection toward others. One's tongue in a dream also may represent something one fears, such as the collapsing of a roof over his head, or it could represent an enemy. It also means isolating oneself from people of knowledge and wisdom, or it could mean remaining mostly silent, minding one's own business, or offering devotion and being grateful to Allah Almighty for His gifts and blessings. One's tongue in a dream also represents a captured prisoner of war, or a snake hiding in its pit. Looking at one's tongue in a dream means controlling what comes out of it. (Also see Body; Exhaustion from speaking; Language; Spell out)


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Cow Dream Explanation

Cow Dream Explanation ? ? Cows assembled in a place: Disturbances or riots. ? An identified number of cows entering a city, following each other: Years commensurate with the size of the cows and in the same order. If they entered a coastal city together or at random similar ships will arrive. Otherwise, they would be a series of intrigues very much alike, as the cows faces resemble each other. Yellow or red cows would automatically mean disease and epidemics. ? Cows of different colours with terrible, dreadful horns and fire or smoke coming out of their mouths or noses: Coming enemy soldiers or some kind of assault. ? A pregnant cow: A hopefully fertile year or the dreamer?s wife will become pregnant.

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Water lily Dream Explanation

Water lily Dream Explanation ? (Lily; Hyacinth; Nenuphar; Nubile; Nymph) In a dream, a water lily means life, hiding, concealment, travels by sea. If a traveller by sea sees a water lily in his dream, it means that his ship may drown. A water lily in a dream also represents a lawfully earned money from which one spends for his charities to please his Lord. A water lily in a dream also means sorrow, sadness, illness, a man with different faces, someone whose actions are tainted, or whose temper is changing constantly. Having a bouquet of water lily in a dream means changes, illness, sorrow or endurance.

World Dream Explanation

World Dream Explanation ? It also may be interpreted as one's wife, child, material growth, business success, good harvest, awakening, victory, love, or a beloved with two faces. Whether the world appears beautiful or ugly in one's dream, it could mean any of the above interpretations. Seeing the world in one's dream also could be a divine guidance, snowing the person what he or she must see and understand in this world. If one sees himself walking away from the world in the dream, it means that he may become a renunciate. If one embraces the world in the dream, it means that he will amply satisfy his desire for it. If one sees himself running after it and the world running away from him in the dream, it means that the world will ultimately deceive him and lead him into temptation. In a dream, the world also represents the holy Quran, which is the radiant full moon of this world. (Also see Travels)

Sheep Dream Explanation

Sheep Dream Explanation ? A herd of sheep in a dream represents a good flock, obedient subjects, or good citizens. Sheep in a dream also signify joy, happiness, festivities, a wife, children, a farmland, properties, prosperity or wealth, and particularly when one pays the due alms tax on his money making ventures and liquid assets. Owning a herd of sheep in a dream represents a growing wealth. Passing by a herd of sheep in a dream means passing a gathering of men who have no brain. If a herd of sheep faces someone in a dream, they represent a group of people who will welcome him with a fight which one will eventually win. Receiving a herd of sheep as a gift in a dream means a political appointment, knighthood, knowledge, the seat of justice, or a blessing in one's life.

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Eggs of Unknown Birds Dream Explanation

Eggs of Unknown Birds Dream Explanation ? They represent beautiful women with handsome faces if the beholder of the dream becomes the owner of the eggs or he finds them in his possession.

Wind Dream Explanation

Wind Dream Explanation ? If the wind is not accompanied with a good witness or a cheering element in the dream, then it means cessation of blessings for that land. If the wind is accompanied with a stridulous or a shrill sound in the dream, it means a severe punishment for that place. If a general of an army sees himself leading his soldiers and is preceded by a stormy wind in a dream, it means that he will be victorious and that he will triumph over his enemy. However, if a storm faces him at his arrival to the battlefield in the dream, it means that he will lose his battle.

Face Dream Explanation

Face Dream Explanation ? If a scholar sees himself having several faces in a dream, it means that he is utilizing his knowledge in various applications, or giving a subject several possible interpretations. A frowning face, a crying face, a scarred face, or the darkness of one's face in a dream also mean loss of job, fear, or they could represent a liar. If the skin of one's face is cracking in a dream, it denotes lack of modesty or absence of shame. A disgusting look on one's face in a dream means loathsomeness, and loathsomeness in a dream represents a disgusting face. (Also see Body; Jesting)

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Flower shop owner Dream Explanation

Flower shop owner Dream Explanation ? In a dream, he represents someone who has gratitude and contentment, or someone who faces his adversities with patience.

Eggplant Dream Explanation

Eggplant Dream Explanation ? In season, an eggplant in a dream means earnings with little effort, while seeing an eggplant out of season in a dream denotes negativity and disliked. Eating an eggplant in a dream means falling prices. An eggplant in a dream also represents the element of arrogance, self adulation, perfidy, cheating others, and a man with many faces. As for fishermen, seeing eggplants in a dream means a good catch, joy and success.

Vagina Dream Explanation

Vagina Dream Explanation ? (Also see Semen.) The Arabic word for vagina or vulva is farj, from faraj, meaning ?relief.? Thus the vagina symbolizes: (1) Relief and comfort. (2) The honey, date, or wine peddler, because sex is as sweet as sugar. (3) A ripper or a bloody person. (4) A wicked deceiver, obedient and humble during daytime and profligate and out of control at night. (5) A foolish slave. (6) A bird?s nest containing eggs. (7) Deep trouble. (8) The fulfilment of requests. (9) Marriage, for the bachelor.? (10) Resumption of spending on one?s parents and in-laws.? (11) Repentance.? (12) Resumption of praying.? (13) The prayer niche in a mosque.? (14) The Qiblah? (the point toward which Muslims turn their faces when praying).? (15) A journey.? (16) The key to a man?s secret.? (17) The unveiling of secrets.? (18) A contract53 to set up a company.? (19) The discovery of metals, minerals, and all hidden things.? (20) The very vagina of a docile woman who gives it only to her man.? (21) A prison.? (22) The main gate or door of a house that, according to Islamic tenets, visitors should use.? (They must never come through back doors, windows, et cetera.)? (23) The bathroom, for all the water, heat, et cetera, that is in it.? (24) A valley surrounded by hills and mountains.? (25) A disease and a medicine that might revive then kill the patient, as the penis becomes erect, strong, and full of vitality when it comes into contact with the vagina, then dies down when its sperm? (which feeds it) gets out.? (26) A furnace.? (27) The oven where paste is introduced to come out as finished bread.? (28) The spouse.? (29) Pregnancy.? (30) Hell or the fatal attraction to it? (same as for the penis), since it is the center of burning pleasure.? (31) The grave. ? A sick person seeing a vagina:? (1) The dreamer is about to die.? (2) The dreamer?s grave is being dug.

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Effeminate Dream Explanation

Effeminate Dream Explanation ? (Lesbian; Sodomy; Transvestite; Vagina) If one sees himself acting effeminately in a dream, it means evil, distress, fear or that a calamity will befall him. If an effeminate person sees himself having a vagina in a dream, it means that he has two faces or that he is satisfied to be knowledgeable as well as a fraud.

Fireplace Dream Explanation

Fireplace Dream Explanation ? A fireplace in a dream also represents a state, a government, joblessness or fleeing from one's enemy. If the fireplace or the stove is lit with no food to cook or water to boil over it in the dream, it means that the head of the household, the butler or the house keeper will become angry and infuriated by someone's slander or backbiting. If the cooking pot in the dream is interpreted to represent the wife, then the fireplace would represent her husband who faces the adversities and hardships of life. On the other hand, if the fireplace in the dream is interpreted to represent the wife, then the cooking pot would be her husband who is always sitting on fire.

Elephant Dream Explanation

Elephant Dream Explanation ? An elephant in a dream also represents righteous people, scholars and noble ones. An elephant in a dream also denotes hardships, toiling, then relief from adversities. Seeing an elephant in a dream and failing to ride on it means lack of integrity or loss of business. Seeing a dead elephant in a dream means that the ruler or a great person from that land will die, or that a noble person will be killed. Seeing an elephant in a land other than its native land in a dream means adversities. If one faces a threatening elephant in a dream, it means an illness.

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Imaamat Dream Explanation

Imaamat Dream Explanation ? Leading a group of people in one's dream suggests that the observer will assume leadership in the community provided he faces towards the proper direction of Qiblah,. Such a person will treat his followers with fairness, justness and rectitude. But if he does not face the Qiblah it means he will exploit his subject during his term of office.

Faces dreams FAQs:

Seeing Faces dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Faces dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Faces dream Refer to Faces islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Faces very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Faces?

There are different meanings of Faces dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Faces dream Refer to above Faces islamic dream interpretation.

What do Faces symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Faces dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Faces dream Refer to above Faces islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Faces in dream?

Faces dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Faces dream Refer to above Faces islamic dream explanations.

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