Islamic dream interpretation of Famous personality, Explanation & Meaning for Famous personality dreams

Below Famous personality dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Bustard Dream Explanation

Bustard Dream Explanation ? (Bird; Fowl) A bustard in a dream represents a rich person and a spendthrift with limited benefits to others and a gluttonous personality.

Mare Dream Explanation

Mare Dream Explanation ? A mare represents a wife and an honest and useful woman. The black mare symbolizes the religious woman who enjoys fame. The piebald or spotted mare is a woman famous for her beauty and wealth. The light-colored mare is a merry and active woman. The gray mare is also a religious woman. ? If a horseman has stepped down from a mare in view of his uncertainty that he could ride her well or if he has removed her reins and set her free: He will divorce his wife.


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Wife Dream Explanation

Wife Dream Explanation ? A wife in a dream represents a partner, an enemy, an unjust ruler, one's opponent, prosperity, a vehicle, earthly wealth, worldly pleasures, the combination of comfort and toiling, or she could mean honor, class, or whatever indication of personality or character the wife may stand for in the dream. (Also see Climbing a mountain; Closet; Hide-out; Khimar; Marriage; Protection; Veil)

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Tambourine Dream Explanation

Tambourine Dream Explanation ? Seeing a man carrying a tambourine means fame for him and for whoever accompanies him in the dream. A woman carrying the tambourine in a dream also means that she will become famous, or it could indicates a new social trend. In general, when musical instruments are used in one's dream, playing them in a festival, a wedding, or in any type of celebration means trials. (Also see Musical instruments)

An Old Man Dream Explanation

An Old Man Dream Explanation ? If an old man is seen speaking to him or giving him something, it means he will succeed in whatever he is pursuing. If the old man is of a pleasant personality and good looks, it means his pursuit is of a favourable nature. Otherwise, it is of an unfavourable nature.

Cauliflower Dream Explanation

Cauliflower Dream Explanation ? A cauliflower in a dream represents a tidy and a passionate person who usually helps others, benefits them and who possesses an acute or a penetrating personality. Seeing a cauliflower in one's hand in a dream means trying to collect a debt that will not be paid except through imposing one's will and firmness.

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Marriage of a Man to a Man Dream Explanation

Marriage of a Man to a Man Dream Explanation ? If a person sees himself marrying an unknown young man, it means he will gain victory over his enemy. But if he is known and there is no enmity between them then he the ?bridge? will acquire some goodness from either the ?groom? or someone who resembles him in name or personality.

Camel Dream Explanation

Camel Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing camels without saddles or ornaments or proceeding along the road: Clouds and rain. ? One camel: A man; if Arab, an Arab man, et cetera. ? A camel with a pedigree: A traveller, a sheikh, or a famous man. ? Owning a camel: Will overpower strong and influential men. ? Riding an Arab camel: Will go to Mecca (Makkah) for the pilgrimage. ? A healthy person dreaming of riding on a camel: Will travel.

Flying Dream Explanation

Flying Dream Explanation ? ? Flying from one rooftop to another: Will change wives. ? Hovering over houses and streets: Turbulence, but the dreamer will not be moved. ? Flying from one land to another: Dignity and great satisfaction. ? A prominent personality flying over a mountain: Will be given a province. ? A leader or a power-monger dreaming of flying: Will prevail. If he falls on anything, he will own it. ? An ordinary or a submissive person dreaming of flying over a mountain:? (1) Will be very ill and approach death.? (2) Will commit a sin.

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Astrologer Dream Explanation

Astrologer Dream Explanation ? The astrologer, diviner, or fortune-teller represents a person close to kings. ? Dreaming of having become an astrologer: Will get closer to a king or prominent personality through lies, fraud, and degradation.

Blacksmith Dream Explanation

Blacksmith Dream Explanation ? (Jailer) In a dream, a blacksmith represents a strong personality, a leader, or a powerful and a skilful ruler. A blacksmith in a dream also represents the angel of death. Seeing a blacksmith in a dream or being one, indicates both happiness and adversities.

A Green Mare Dream Explanation

A Green Mare Dream Explanation ? He will marry a woman with a charming personality and a sweet, singing voice.

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Hawk Dream Explanation

Hawk Dream Explanation ? The hawk symbolizes two things:? (1) An honest but unfair and famous ruler.? (2) An illustrious son. Being chased by a hawk means a courageous man will be angry with the dreamer. The sparrow hawk symbolizes a king, like the falcon. ? Seizing a sparrow hawk: Will send a thief to jail. ? A sparrow hawk coming out of one?s penis: Will have a son who will become famous for his courage and chivalry.

Hair Dream Explanation

Hair Dream Explanation ? If one's hair is soft and lanky but still looks longer than usual in a dream, it means that his manager's authority will expand, and his interests will diversify. If a strong man or a warrior sees himself having a bun of hair in a dream, it means protection and respect inspired by a strong personality. Otherwise, if he is rich in the dream, a bun here means more wealth, and if he is a poor, it represents his debts. If one's hair looks curly in a dream, it means that power, honor and praises will be the lot of his superior.

Knife Dream Explanation

Knife Dream Explanation ? (Dagger; Kitchen knife) In a dream, a knife represents the servant of the house or its sire who strives to serve and benefit his family and friends. Its sharpness represents the effectiveness of his commands, the force by which they are carried, or one's magnanimity and distinct personality. If a woman sees herself carrying a knife, or if she gives someone a knife in a dream, it represents her love for a famous person. A pencil sharpening knife in a dream represents an author or a writer. A slaughtering knife in a dream represents a butcher, while a soldier's knife means strength and service. If a kindergarten teacher is seen stealing a knife in a dream, it means that he is tempted by one of his children, and that he may abuse him.

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Palm Tree Dream Explanation

Palm Tree Dream Explanation ? One palm tree is a reliable and powerful friend. It could also refer to an honest woman famous for her charity. The palm branches or leaves symbolize more children and progeny. They could also allude to women?s hair. Its clusters mean money in view of the Quranic verses: ?And lofty date-palms with ranged clusters, provision? (made) for men; and therewith We quicken a dead land. Even so will be the resurrection of the dead.?? (?Qa,? verses 10?11.)

Impotence Dream Explanation

Impotence Dream Explanation ? ? Being impotent: The dreamer is a hermit, and no one recalls him anymore. ? No longer being impotent: Will become powerful and famous. ? Marrying a woman or buying a slave and being unable to sleep with her because of such impotence: The dreamer is trading without capital.

Pen Dream Explanation

Pen Dream Explanation ? A pen in a dream also represents one's manager, his controller, a cosigner, a witness in an agreement, entering into a marriage agreement, or it could represent an intelligent son who will become a famous writer. Owning a pen or receiving a one as a gift in a dream means acquiring knowledge. Then, if one proceeds to write with it in his dream, it means receiving an appointment, or occupying a position of authority. Looking at a pen one is holding in his hand and seeing another pen laying beside him in a dream denotes having a half brother, or if one's mother is pregnant, it means that she will deliver a new son.

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A Swine Dream Explanation

A Swine Dream Explanation ? it represents a person who has a striking personality but is in fact very wicked in matters of character, conduct and Deen.

Famous personality dreams FAQs:

Seeing Famous personality dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Famous personality dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Famous personality dream Refer to Famous personality islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Famous personality very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Famous personality?

There are different meanings of Famous personality dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Famous personality dream Refer to above Famous personality islamic dream interpretation.

What do Famous personality symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Famous personality dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Famous personality dream Refer to above Famous personality islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Famous personality in dream?

Famous personality dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Famous personality dream Refer to above Famous personality islamic dream explanations.

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