Islamic dream interpretation of Feeding cat, Explanation & Meaning for Feeding cat dreams

Below Feeding cat dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Honeycomb Dream Explanation

Honeycomb Dream Explanation ? If it is placed in a bowl in the dream, it means lawful profits. If one sees himself feeding it to the people in the dream, it means that he will chant the Quran with embellishment and awaits people's praises and request to encore his recital. Eating from a honeycomb with honey still in it in a dream means having sexual intercourse with one's own mother. Eating a honeycomb in a dream also could mean martyrdom, or mixing between diversified interests. Purified honey in a dream means good deeds, lawful earnings, displeasing one's parents, recovering from an illness, or testifying in a court of justice. (Also see Honey)

Breast Feeding Dream Explanation

Breast Feeding Dream Explanation ? If a person sees himself breast feeding or being breast fed, he will soon be imprisoned and the prison doors will be closed on him for a long time.


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Paradise Dream Explanation

Paradise Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself sitting in the gardens of paradise in a dream, it means that he will be blessed with sincerity and perfect religious adherence. Eating from the fruits of paradise in a dream means acquiring knowledge. Drinking from its rivers of honey and milk in a dream means receiving wisdom, inner knowledge and prosperity. Leaning against a tree in paradise in a dream represents the chastity of one's wife. Picking the fruits of paradise and feeding them to others in a dream means sharing knowledge with others or teaching them. If one is forbidden from having the fruits of paradise in a dream, it denotes his failure to properly attend to his religious duties. Drinking water from the fountain of abundance (Kawthar) in a dream means attaining leadership and conquering one's enemy.

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Suckling Dream Explanation

Suckling Dream Explanation ? (See Breast; Breast-feeding; Milk)

Milk Dream Explanation

Milk Dream Explanation ? (Instinct; Nature; Profits) In a dream, milk represents nature, instinct, or easy and lawful money. However, curdled milk in a dream represents unlawful money. If a man or a woman discover that they are carrying milk in their breast in a dream, it means building of one's savings. If a man sees milk flowing from his breast in a dream, it means wealth, prosperity and that new opportunities will rise from every direction. Woman's milk in a dream means recovering from an illness. If a woman sees herself carrying milk in her breast in a dream, when in reality she does not have it, it means that she will breast feed a new born. If a woman sees herself breast-feeding a baby, a man, or another woman in her dream, it means that the source of earnings will be hampered or restricted to both the suckling person and to the one who is breast-feeding him.

Nursing Dream Explanation

Nursing Dream Explanation ? (Suckling. See Breast-feeding)

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Sadaqa Dream Explanation

Sadaqa Dream Explanation ? ALMS GIVING. ? Dreaming of alms giving depends on the dreamer. Such a dream made by a religious scholar or an erudite man means that he will be conveying his knowledge to others. The same dream made by a ruler means that he will be in charge of more people. To a craftsman it means that he will teach his craft to certain persons, etc. ? Giving sadaqa to the poor:? (1) No more worries.? (2) No more fear. ? Feeding an atheist: The dreamer is fortifying the enemy.

Breast-feeding Dream Explanation

Breast-feeding Dream Explanation ? If a man sees himself having milk in his breast in a dream, it means material success and prosperity. Should he breast-feed someone in that dream, it denotes ill consequences for both people. If a woman sees a man suckling milk from her breast in a dream, it means that he uses force with her to give him her money. If a woman sees herself moving between other women and breastfeeding them in a dream, it means that she will never yield milk. If a sick person sees himself suckling milk in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness. (Also see Milk)

Manger Dream Explanation

Manger Dream Explanation ? (Feeding trough) Seeing a manger or a feeding trough in a dream means having power, receiving a gift, or it could represent one's intelligence, diversification and qualifications. A manger in a dream also represents a woman. Seeing two animals feeding from a trough in a dream means that one's wife is hiding a secret affair.

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Snot Dream Explanation

Snot Dream Explanation ? According to Ibn Siren, the mucus from the nose symbolizes the making of children, in view of the popular belief that the cat emanated from the lion?s snot. ? Having mucus in the nose: Wife is pregnant. ? Blowing one?s nose:? (1) Will settle debts.? (2) Will be relieved from a certain worry.? (3) Will punish some people for a certain deed. ? Putting snot on the ground: Will have a daughter. ? Putting snots on one?s wife: She will conceive a male child but have a miscarriage. ? The wife putting snots on the dreamer:? (1) She will give birth to a boy.? (2) She will terminate the breast-feeding of a small child.

Daniel Dream Explanation

Daniel Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself carrying the prophet Daniel, Alayhi-Salam, over his shoulders, sitting him beside a wall or talking to him, or if he sees the prophet Daniel talking to him, delivering glad tidings to him or feeding him honey with his own hand, it means that the person in the dream will become a great scholar or a commentator in religious interpretations.

Stableman Dream Explanation

Stableman Dream Explanation ? (Barn; Cattle-ranching; Fodder; Forage) In a dream, a stableman represents a rich and a generous person who is known for his good deeds. Seeing a stableman in a dream also means managing one's business, showing kindness to others, distributing charity, helping foreigners, assisting travellers, turning one's attention to slothful people, or feeding the homeless. (Also see Driver)

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Male organ Dream Explanation

Male organ Dream Explanation ? Castration in a dream means that one will bear no more daughters. If a pregnant woman sees herself having a male organ in a dream, it means that she will beget a son. If she never had children before, it means that she is barren. If one is circumcised in a dream, it means that he will fulfil his religious covenant, or pay a debt. A pubic area which is excessively hairy in a dream represents an insolent person. Feeding one's sexual organ in a dream means dying an ugly death.

Milk Dream Explanation

Milk Dream Explanation ? Rabbit's milk and horse's milk in a dream means having a righteous name, or giving a righteous name to one's newborn. Human milk in a dream represents a trust one should not waste or give to other than its rightful owner. The milk of an unknown animal in a dream means energy and strength for a sick person, release from prison, illegal seizure of property, or extortion and blackmailing. (Also see Breast-feeding; Colostrum; Dairyman; Milking)

Tanner Dream Explanation

Tanner Dream Explanation ? Unless one finds the tanning to be faulty, then it indicates a non-professional person. If seeing a tanner in a dream is understood to denote material benefits, then in reality, he represents an escape from death. If he is understood in relationship with religious matters, then seeing him means feeding the poor and hungry during a drought or a famine. A tanner in a dream also represents a peacemaker, a physician, or a guardian. However, it is possible to interpret a tanner in a dream to mean distress, adversities, or an unjust person. (Also see Dye; Vat)

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Scissors Dream Explanation

Scissors Dream Explanation ? (Clippers; Shears) In a dream, scissors mean slander and causing harm to someone's reputation without regard for the truth. Scissors in a dream also represent a legal guardian who discerns between true and false. Holding a pair of scissors in a dream means delivering a brother for one's first born son, or having two businesses feeding one another, unless if one is unmarried, then holding a pair of scissors, or a nail clipper in a dream means getting married.

Suck Dream Explanation

Suck Dream Explanation ? ? Sucking the breast of any woman other than one?s mother: Humiliation and sorrow or disease. Breast-feeding by the mother means promotion and welfare. For a woman, the same dream would mean that hardships are ahead, except it what was sucked was milk, in which case it would mean that she would inherit something from her family. ? Touring women and sucking their breasts, from which no milk comes out: The dreamer is a sodomite with a preference for male teenagers. ? Being sucked by someone: That person will take money from the dreamer. ? Someone sucking the dreamer?s breast: The former will take money from the latter?s wife. Otherwise, anything bad will happen to both the dreamer and the person dreamed of.

Feeding trough Dream Explanation

Feeding trough Dream Explanation ? (See Manger)

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Debt Dream Explanation

Debt Dream Explanation ? If one sees himself paying a debt in his dream but could not recognize it in wakefulness, such debts then represent his sins for which he is responsible and answerable whether he committed them knowingly or unknowingly and their consequences will always hunt him unless he repents. Because of that, the person will suffer in this world in the form of adversities, sickness, fines or other worldly losses. Paying a debt or satisfying a just cause in a dream means feeding a hungry person, reuniting one's family or returning from a journey and returning from a journey in a dream also means satisfying a just cause. (Also See Promise; Tripping)

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Seeing Feeding cat dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Feeding cat dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Feeding cat dream Refer to Feeding cat islamic dream interpretation

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There are different meanings of Feeding cat dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Feeding cat dream Refer to above Feeding cat islamic dream interpretation.

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There are different symbols of Feeding cat dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Feeding cat dream Refer to above Feeding cat islamic dream symbols.

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Feeding cat dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Feeding cat dream Refer to above Feeding cat islamic dream explanations.

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