Islamic dream interpretation of Finding something, Explanation & Meaning for Finding something dreams

Below Finding something dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Nipple Dream Explanation

Nipple Dream Explanation ? The nipple of the female breast in a dream represents one's personal wardrobe, or it could mean marriage. If water or milk comes out of it in a dream, it means finding a compatible husband. Otherwise, it may mean loss of a child or a sister.

Grave Dream Explanation

Grave Dream Explanation ? ? Roaming about amid open graves: Will enter the homes of heretics or visit the jails. ? Going to a grave and digging the earth with one?s nails or trying to unearth the dead: Will probe the life of the dead dwelling in that grave to follow his pattern. ? Finding a dead person alive in his grave: Will become wise and pious and achieve orderly gains. ? Going to a graveyard to unearth the dead and finding some of them alive and others not: Terrible deaths will occur in that spot or country. ? Finding deadly reptiles or insects in a grave or flames coming out of it:? (1) The dreamer is doing abominable things.? (2) The dead person in that grave was a heretic.


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Vagina Dream Explanation

Vagina Dream Explanation ? A vagina in a dream signifies relief for someone who is experiencing hardship, pressure, or sorrow. It also could mean satisfaction of one's needs, fulfillment of one's desire, marriage, partnership, exposing a secret, working with minerals, protecting women's chastity, imprisonment, the house entrance, the front door, travels, the prayer niche inside a mosque, one's innermost secret, running water, heat, an oven, a garment, a canyon, discovering a cure for an illness and feeling happy about it, finding an elixir, feeling relief after having sexual relationship with one's spouse, a grave, distress, one's wife, fire, a burning desires, family reunion, having children, dispelling doubt about what is right and what is wrong, clearly identifying true from false, finding guidance, or heeding admonition.

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Pearl Dream Explanation

Pearl Dream Explanation ? Finding a pearl in a dream also means finding a wife. Borrowing a pearl from someone in a dream means begetting a son and giving him for adoption, or that the boy will die shortly after his birth. Pearls in a dream also mean becoming wealthy from an inheritance. As for a scholar, a pearl in a dream represents knowledge, and for a governor, it means expansion of his power. As for a merchant, it means a growing business, and for a craftsman in a dream, it means advancement in his craft. Pearls in a dream also represent the final step in adorning something and the proper way to display beauty, or they could represent fantasies and attractions.

Mole Dream Explanation

Mole Dream Explanation ? (zool.) A mole in a dream means blindness, uncertainty, unavoidable circumstances, disappearing from social circles, or it could mean incompetence in one's field. A mole in a dream also could mean having sharp hearing, or correcting one's vision if one happens to have hearing disability or sight problems. If a mole is seen beside a deceased person in a dream, it represents hell-fire. Seeing a mole in a dream also may indicate finding support in mundane endeavors. It also means trickery, insolence, or finding a permanent residence.

Generosity Dream Explanation

Generosity Dream Explanation ? (Horse; Kindness) Generosity or open handedness in a dream means acknowledgment of Allah's favors and expressing one's gratitude for them. Generosity in a dream also could represent the return to noble thinking, proper moral conduct, good character and finding guidance after heedlessness.

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Oars Dream Explanation

Oars Dream Explanation ? (Paddles) Oars in a dream represent the movement of a ship, or they could mean having a secret affair. Oars in a dream also mean reaching safety, or finding a helping friend. (Also see Boat; Ship)

Ambergris?- The Essence Of A Perfume Dream Explanation

Ambergris?- The Essence Of A Perfume Dream Explanation ? Ambergris symbolizes benefits and good reputation. ? Finding or being given ambergris: Benefits as much as amber was seen. ? Finding plenty of ambergris: Will snatch a high post or achieve one?s ambitions through endeavours. ? Giving ambergris to someone: Will benefit such a person. ? Losing ambergris: Will lose as much money or assets. ? Anointing a passerby with ambergris: Will do good to an unknown person.

Bead Dream Explanation

Bead Dream Explanation ? ? (Also see Aqiq.) Beads symbolize a woman, a servant, a girl or a slave, money, politeness, shrewdness, procreation, and boys. ? Finding beads:? (1) Money and gifts from God, as many gifts as beads.? (2) A beneficial trip. ? Finding white beads: Will get a good servant who fears the wrath of God. ? Finding green beads: Will have a pious servant. ? Finding black beads: Will obtain the services of a nonreligious, corrupt, and unkind servant. ? Seeing gemstones in the form of beads: Should be interpreted according to the meaning of each stone.

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Finding a lost object Dream Explanation

Finding a lost object Dream Explanation ? (See Compensation; Finding something)

Lost object Dream Explanation

Lost object Dream Explanation ? (See Compensation; Finding something)

Compensation Dream Explanation

Compensation Dream Explanation ? If one finds a lost object in his dream, or if he does something that earns him a reward in a dream, this will represent his loyalty, fulfillment of his promises, protecting his friendships and striving for lawful earnings. (Also see Finding something)

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Wending one's way Dream Explanation

Wending one's way Dream Explanation ? (Direction) To wend one's way, or to take the road, or to go in the direction of the door in a dream means establishing the course of one's life on the basis of righteousness, or finding the real cause of things, or it could mean success, depending on how close one gets to his goal in the dream. (Also see Road)

Army's flag Dream Explanation

Army's flag Dream Explanation ? (Banner; Flag) In a dream, the flag of an army represents a pious man, a scholar, a religious doctor, a spiritual leader, an ascetic, or a rich and a generous person who is an example to others. A red flag in a dream means war, while a yellow flag means a plague. A green flag in a dream means a blessed journey, while a white flag means rain. A black flag in a dream means drought and doubt, or it could mean a rainstorm. Sighting the flag of an army in a dream means finding one's way or finding guidance. For a woman, seeing a flag in her dream means getting married. (Also see Banner; Colors; Flag)

Resuscitate? (Live Again) Dream Explanation

Resuscitate? (Live Again) Dream Explanation ? ? Marrying a resuscitated woman, abstaining from touching her, but settling in her house: Will die. ? Finding a dead person alive in his grave: Will become wise and pious and achieve orderly gains. ? Going to a graveyard to unearth the dead and finding some of them alive and the others not: A bloodbath will take place in that spot or country. ? A pharaoh resuscitating and ruling a country: Tyranny or corruption will prevail and the people?s condition will deteriorate.

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Well Dream Explanation

Well Dream Explanation ? Finding a well adjacent to a barmaid in a dream means finding a spiritual teacher, or joining a fellowship and a school for the seekers. If one sees the well of Zamzam quenching the thirst of people in a particular neighbourhood other than Mecca in a dream, it means that a gnostic will come to that town, and whose knowledge and wisdom will greatly benefit its people. It also may denote the bounty and blessings which are imparted to that town, or it could denote the victory of its people over their real enemy. Drinking from such a well in a dream means fulfillment of one's intentions and satisfaction of his needs. In a dream, a well also means a prison or depression.

Key Dream Explanation

Key Dream Explanation ? Opening a door or a lock without a key in a dream means attaining the same through prayers. Finding a key in a dream means finding a treasure, or profits from a farmland. If a wealthy person finds a key in his dream, it means that he owes alms tax and he should immediately distribute what he owes, pay charities and repent for his sins. Holding to the key of the holy Kabah in a dream means working for a ruler or an Imam. If a woman receives keys in a dream, it means her betrothal. Having difficulty to open a door, even with a key in a dream means hindrances in one's business, or failure to attain one's goal. A key in a dream also represents new knowledge for a scholar or a learned person. Putting a key inside a door in a dream means placing a deceased person inside his coffin or grave, or it could mean having sexual intercourse with one's wife.

Silver Dream Explanation

Silver Dream Explanation ? But ancient Arab interpreters were divided about the interpretation of dreams involving silver. To some finding silver tablets or bars meant joy or that the dreamer would procure some in reality. To others it meant worries and sorrow; it all depended on the personality of the dreamer himself. According to Al-Kirmani, genuine and intact silver meant some truthful news would arrive. Broken silver is a reference to misleading information and animosity. ? Finding some molten piece of silver or receiving it from someone: The dreamer will marry a woman from that person?s folk. ? A golden or silver salt cellar: An agreeable woman, as in Arabic salt is melh and agreeable is maliha. But silver is always better than gold.

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Fault finding Dream Explanation

Fault finding Dream Explanation ? Finding fault with praiseworthy people in a dream means committing abominable actions or to desist or turn away from one's religion.

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Seeing Finding something dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Finding something dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Finding something dream Refer to Finding something islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Finding something very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Finding something?

There are different meanings of Finding something dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Finding something dream Refer to above Finding something islamic dream interpretation.

What do Finding something symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Finding something dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Finding something dream Refer to above Finding something islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Finding something in dream?

Finding something dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Finding something dream Refer to above Finding something islamic dream explanations.

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