Islamic dream interpretation of Freedom, Explanation & Meaning for Freedom dreams

Below Freedom dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Oven Dream Explanation

Oven Dream Explanation ? (Fire; Furnace; Grill; Head of household; Kiln; Range) If one sees himself lighting an oven for heating, or cooking on it in a dream, it means increase in earnings and benefits for one's own growth. An oven in a house in a dream means bringing a solution to a problem, or winning victory over one's enemies. An oven without accumulation of ashes in a dream means a bad marriage. Dream interpretation of ovens varies sometimes depending on the type of oven one sees in his dream. A grilling oven in a dream means imprisonment for a free man and freedom for a jailed one.

Destruction Dream Explanation

Destruction Dream Explanation ? Seeing a city destroyed by an earthquake in a dream represents the carrying of a death sentence for someone there, or it could mean violation of people's rights or freedom in that town. If one sees an entire town being destroyed with its urban area, factories and fields in a dream, it means that the people of that town have gone astray, or that its leaders are struck with calamities. On the other hand, if one sees it flourishing in a dream, then it reflects the spiritual awareness and religious devotion of its people. (Also see Collapsing walls; Cloud of destruction)


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Morning Dream Explanation

Morning Dream Explanation ? If one's travels are impeded by whatever cause, then seeing the morning in his dream means solving such problems and proceeding on with one's plans. If one is having difficulties with his wife, then seeing the morning in a dream means divorce or separation. If a sinner sees the morning in his dream, it means repentance from his sin and egress from heedlessness. If a merchant or a businessman who is having trouble in his trade sees the morning in his dream, it means good news and business growth. In general, seeing the morning in a dream means relief from difficulties, escape from danger, a good harvest, or winning one's freedom.

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Relief Dream Explanation

Relief Dream Explanation ? (See Death; Freedom; Manumission; Slaughter)

Head Dream Explanation

Head Dream Explanation ? Seeing oneself in a dream without a head cover means disobedience to one's superior. If one sees his head down, or hanging loose in a dream, it means confessing to one's wrongdoing, or experiencing a long life of humiliation and striving to please someone. If one's head is fixed backward in a dream, it means delays in attaining his goals, hindrance of one's travel plans, or it could represent someone's return from a business trip slowly and without greed. If one sees his head severed without beheading in a dream, it means that he will shortly die, or it could mean his freedom. Seeing one's head turning into a lion's head in a dream, it means that he will rule and prosper.

Elegance Dream Explanation

Elegance Dream Explanation ? (Culture; Handsomeness; Refinement; Sophistication) To see oneself handsome, elegant or sophisticated in a dream signifies distress, trouble, false accusations, abstinence, or it could mean freedom.

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Nudity in the Masjid Dream Explanation

Nudity in the Masjid Dream Explanation ? If a person sees himself as nude in the masjid or market place or in any other place, provided non had seen his aurah nor had anyone taunted him it suggest cheerfulness after sorrow, good health after sickness, atonement from sins and freedom from debts.

Makkah Dream Explanation

Makkah Dream Explanation ? Mecca (Makkah) symbolizes Islam, the Muslims? spiritual leader or the dreamer?s chief. Whatever happens to it?good or bad?will befall Islam or such a person. ? Being in Mecca (Makkah):? (1) Good religion, repentance, safety, and welfare.? (2) Will visit the Kabah.? (See Kabah.)? (3) Will be saved by God from tyrants.? (4) Will regain one?s freedom.? (5) Will be spoiled by the ruler and people will come to the dreamer to benefit from his knowledge or influence.? (6) Daughter, if beautiful, will be betrothed.

Knee Dream Explanation

Knee Dream Explanation ? Knees in a dream also represent the condition of one's health, movements, freedom and level of professionalism. Healthy knees in a dream also represent travels or business activities. If a sick person experiences knees pain in a dream, it may mean that he is nearing his death. As for a traveller knees in a dream represent his travelling vehicle. They also connote giving and receiving, quietness, one's residence, savings, expenditures, or immobility. A broken kneecap in a dream means separation between friends, or damage to one's vehicle.

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Feast of Immolation Dream Explanation

Feast of Immolation Dream Explanation ? (Hajj; Eid-ul Adha; Feast of sacrifice; 10th of Zul-Hijjah; Greater Bairam; Manumission; Sacrifice; Pilgrimage; Responding) Witnessing the Feast of Immolation (arb. Eid-ul Adha) in a dream means reminiscing the past, renewal of past celebrations, reviving a state of joy, recapturing moments of one's pleasant past, escape from destruction, salvation, redemption, release from prison or freedom from debts. (Also see Feast of Breaking the Fast; Ram; Sacrifice)

Sugar cane Dream Explanation

Sugar cane Dream Explanation ? A field of sugar cane in a dream also represents the ability to hide something, or to redo something, or to declare a war, or it could mean signing a business agreement, a marriage contract, celebrating old times and events, freedom from imprisonment, releasing prisoners, recovering from an illness, or exhuming the dead. Chewing or sucking on a stick of sugar cane in a dream means becoming talkative or repetitive. If one sees himself making juice out of sugar cane in a dream, it means prosperity and wealth. Sugar cane in a dream also represents money that one earns from a stingy person. (Also see Juice; Reed)

Press Dream Explanation

Press Dream Explanation ? (Mill) Building a press in a dream represents urban developments and prosperity for that place. The lack of a press or a mill in a town in a dream means poverty, the death of a foster mother or that of a wet nurse. In a dream, all types of juices and oils when freshly pressed in a dream represent freedom, relief, release from prison, dispelling distress, money, or sexual intercourse. (Also see Mill; Sugar mill; Oil press; Thrust)

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Carrot Dream Explanation

Carrot Dream Explanation ? In a dream, carrots represent reprimand, suppression or an obscene and an odious person. However, if one sees himself holding or eating a carrot in a dream, it means overcoming one's difficulties. It is also said that holding or eating carrots in a dream means grieve and depression. Other dream interpreters hold carrots to represent the opposite and perceived benefits in seeing them in a dream, including the freedom of a prisoner from his jail.

Girl Dream Explanation

Girl Dream Explanation ? In any case, the sight of a little girl in a dream is a good augury, unless there is something unpleasant about her. ? Seeing a pretty little girl: Benefits and welfare. ? Carrying a little girl: Welfare, recovery from a disease, relief from worries or freedom if the dreamer is in jail.

Glorifying Dream Explanation

Glorifying Dream Explanation ? Glorifying Allah's sovereignty in a dream is a confirmation of one's true faith. If in real life the person is ill, imprisoned or in fear, glorifying Allah Almighty in a dream means his cure, freedom and peace. If one sees himself performing his prescribed prayers, then following that with invocations of Allah's glory in a dream, it means that one will receive a verdict of innocence, fulfil a vow, comply with the divine command, or that Allah Almighty will provide him with resources to pay his debts from sources he does not anticipate.

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Salaah Towards East or West Dream Explanation

Salaah Towards East or West Dream Explanation ? If a person sees himself performing Salaah, facing east (When qiblah is not in that direction ) it means that he will advocate the beliefs of the Qadriyyah set. (a sect who believes in the freedom of will). If he performs Salaah facing west (When Qiblah is not in that direction) it means he will advocate the beliefs of the Jabriyyahn i.e. The sect of the fatalists, believing that man has no power of will: he is involuntarily forced by Allah to do good or bad).

Bathing in the River Dream Explanation

Bathing in the River Dream Explanation ? Bathing in the river or sea and not experiencing any fear, panic or humiliation suggest deliverance from afflictions: if the observer of the dream is grief stricken, his grief will be removed an replaced with happiness; if he is suffering from a disease or sickness, he will be cured; if he is in straitened circumstances, Allah will grant him relief; if he is afflicted with debts, Allah will have them fulfilled; if he is imprisoned, Allah will grant him freedom.

Establishing the divine laws Dream Explanation

Establishing the divine laws Dream Explanation ? If one is required in his dream to circumscribe to the limitations placed by Allah on man's freedom of action in the world, or if one asks that such judgment be exacted in his case, his dream then represents paying one's debts, or respecting one's limitations, or marriage to protect one's chastity.

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Angels Dream Explanation

Angels Dream Explanation ? If one becomes an angel in a dream, it means tat he will receive honor, power, overcome his adversities, dispel his distress and win his freedom, or it could mean that he will rise in station. If one sees the angels greeting him and shaking hands with him in a dream, it means that Allah Almighty will endow him with wisdom, clarity and insight. Angels in a dream also represent one's closest witnesses, guardians, police officers or the emissaries of a ruler.

Freedom dreams FAQs:

Seeing Freedom dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Freedom dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Freedom dream Refer to Freedom islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Freedom very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Freedom?

There are different meanings of Freedom dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Freedom dream Refer to above Freedom islamic dream interpretation.

What do Freedom symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Freedom dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Freedom dream Refer to above Freedom islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Freedom in dream?

Freedom dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Freedom dream Refer to above Freedom islamic dream explanations.

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