Islamic dream interpretation of Friend pregnant, Explanation & Meaning for Friend pregnant dreams

Below Friend pregnant dream interpretations are based on Ibn Sireen's teachings.

Jet Dream Explanation

Jet Dream Explanation ? (Lignite; Velvet-black coal used for jewelry.) In a dream, jet denotes festivities, celebrations, happiness, honor, or marriage. In a dream, jet also represents suspicious money, tainted profits, or a friend for interest, and if one's wife is pregnant, it means that she will deliver a son.

Ruby Dream Explanation

Ruby Dream Explanation ? The ruby symbolizes joy, entertainment and luxury and the friend whose heart is tough. A small number of rube stones alludes to women; more is money. ? Wearing a ring with a ruby: The dreamer will be pious and make a name for himself. ? A man hoping or expecting that his wife will give him a male child taking a ruby: She will have a girl. ? Wearing or hoarding a ruby ring: Wife is pregnant.? (1) If wife is already pregnant, she will give birth to a girl who will soon die.? (2) If the hero of the dream is a bachelor, he will find something or pick up an abandoned female child.? (3) Wearing a red ruby ring: A pretty but very harsh woman is in love with the dreamer.


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Incident Dream Explanation

Incident Dream Explanation ? Soon after that, I visited my father, and my friend proudly reminded me of his interpretation. Later on, I travelled away from home. When I returned to my town, I passed by a graveyard. At the gate stood a woman who was guarding that cemetery and whose eye was bandaged with a blue piece of cloth. I knew her, so I stopped and asked her about the news. She said to me: 'May God grant you a long life. Your father has passed away.' Then she took me to his grave, and I fell on it, crying and wailing, exactly as I saw in my dream. Thus, my friend's interpretation did not come true, for he has no hand in it."

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Snot Dream Explanation

Snot Dream Explanation ? ? Putting snots in another man?s house: Will have legal? (marriage) or illegal sex with a woman living under his roof. ? Putting snots in another man?s bedding: Will betray him with his wife. Putting snots in his handkerchief means the dreamer will have sex with his servant. ? A woman taking the dreamer?s snots: She will entice and deceive him and become pregnant against his will. ? Washing away someone else?s snot: The dreamer is trying to conceal the adultery of a friend, but to no avail. ? Eating one?s snot: Eating up the money of his children. ? Eating someone else?s snot: Eating up the money of somebody?s children. ? Mucus flowing from the nose: Will have children who will resemble him. ? A person putting snots in the dreamer?s clothes: Will have a marital relationship.

Mirror Dream Explanation

Mirror Dream Explanation ? ? Looking in the mirror to find someone else?s image: The dreamer will lose his money and/or mind. ? Seeing one?s image reflected in a mirror or in water: The dreamer will have a son who will resemble him or her and practice the same craft or profession. If a youngster, will have a brother or sister of the same gender. ? Seeing the image of a young man reflected in the mirror, instead of the dreamer?s image: An enemy. ? The image of an old man: A helpful friend. ? A pregnant woman seeing her image reflected in the mirror: Will have a girl. ? A nonpregnant woman seeing herself in the mirror: Husband will take a second wife. ? A prisoner seeing his face in the mirror: Will be released from jail. ? Dreaming of having become a mirror without looking at it: People will slander and despise you.

Lance Dream Explanation

Lance Dream Explanation ? If one does repair a broken lance in a dream, it means recovering from an illness. A lance without a spearhead in a dream means the death of one's brother or child. A lance in a dream also represents a brother or a friend who will part with his brother or friend, or it could mean loss of one's job. Walking with a lance in one's hand in the middle of a marketplace in a dream means walking or strolling with one's son. As for a pregnant woman, a metal lance means that she will deliver a girl, and that she will receive a gift of money or a present after her birth from other daughters. Carrying a lance with a flag raised on top of it in a dream means attaining a position that will earn fame.

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Pregnancy Dream Explanation

Pregnancy Dream Explanation ? However, generally speaking, pregnancy in a dream also could mean prosperity and material success. The extent of wealth is measured by the number of months of such pregnancy and the size of one's growth in the dream. This is true whether it is a man or a woman in the dream. If a young boy who is under the age of puberty sees himself pregnant in a dream, it represents his father, and if a young girl who is under the age of menstruation sees herself pregnant, then it represents her mother. If a man sees his wife pregnant in a dream, it reflects his desire for material success.

Friend - Friendship Dream Explanation

Friend - Friendship Dream Explanation ? Fostering a friendship or seeking the fellowship of the righteous ones or the men of knowledge in a dream represents one's sincerity and love for others, devotion to family ties and serving their interests. It also indicates one's true sincerity in his or her religious duties. (Also see Bond; Companionship; Fellowship; Kinship; Spiritual gathering)

Intimate friend Dream Explanation

Intimate friend Dream Explanation ? (See Book)

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Death Dream Explanation

Death Dream Explanation ? ? Death of a relative: Will become less able. ? Death of a pregnant woman: Will give birth to a male child who will prove to be very beneficial and bring about a lot of joy. ? Death of an unknown woman:? (1) Worldly matters will run into a snag.? (2) Drought. Death of a friend:? (1) The dreamer will die.? (2) The dreamer will lose that friend. ? Death of an unknown old man: The dreamer?s endeavours will not bear any fruit.

Incident - Fly Coming Out Of Nose Dream Explanation

Incident - Fly Coming Out Of Nose Dream Explanation ? A man was asleep when his friend brought an open pitcher of milk and a water melon. The friend then cut a piece of the water melon and placed the milk and the pitcher beside his friend's pillow with the knife on top of the pitcher. He then sat down and waited for him to wake up. When the man woke up, he told his friend an amazing dream. He said: "I saw as though a type of fly came out of my nose, and it stood over a knife before reentering my nose. Then suddenly, I saw myself walking over an iron bridge that stood on top of an ocean." The friend smiled and told him what happened.

Pregnancy Dream Explanation

Pregnancy Dream Explanation ? ? A maiden getting pregnant:? (1) Bitter events will occur to her family because of her.? (2) Evil?like a robbery or a fire?at her place.? (3) She will be possessed by a demon.? (4) The clothes made or given to her on the occasion of her wedding will not suit her or will not be to her liking.? (5) She will be wedded to an incapable person.? (6) She will be deflowered before marriage and hence stay single for a long time.? (7) She will get married. ? A single woman dreaming of being pregnant: Will get married. ? An old woman being pregnant:? (1) A reference to an arsenal or an arms cache.? (2) A reference to unemployment.? (3) Fertility after drought. ? A pregnant animal, especially a good and useful one: Benefits and welfare. ? A sterile woman or a bull being pregnant: A year characterized by drought, barrenness, intrigues, and evil brought about by bandits and atheists. If, afterward, a frightening or ferocious animal is born, it means that evil, misery, fear, or worries will disappear.

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Shoulders Dream Explanation

Shoulders Dream Explanation ? (Friend; Responsibility; Support) Riding over the shoulders of one's enemy in a dream means committing a wrongdoing or a shameful act against someone. If there is no enmity between the two, and if one sees himself riding over the shoulders of his friend in a dream, it means that he will earn something from him. Carrying someone over one's shoulders in a dream means being indebted to him. Carrying a hypocrite over one's shoulders in a dream could mean that one may work at a lumberyard, or deliver wood for living.

Stomach Dream Explanation

Stomach Dream Explanation ? In a dream, the stomach represents the elements of property, family, secrets, one's mate, prison, grave, health, sickness, friend, wayfarer, one's religious life and nature of one's devotion. If in a dream one sees his stomach open, it means that his business may be temporarily put out of commission, or that he may lose any benefits he used to derive from it up to then. The other aforementioned elements also may apply. If the person in question is a pregnant woman, and if she sees her baby or any part of it comes out of her open stomach, this may mean that a jailed person in her family will be set free, or that the family graves will be desecrated, or that the body of someone in her family will be exhumed, thus uncovering its diseases and infestations, or it could mean that one's personal life will become public knowledge.

Bosom friend Dream Explanation

Bosom friend Dream Explanation ? (Vinegar)

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Lesbianism Dream Explanation

Lesbianism Dream Explanation ? ? Seeing one?s wife with a beard: She will never become pregnant. If she already has a boy, the latter will prevail over his family. ? A woman dreaming that she is disguised, looks like, or behaves like a man: Good or bad fortune and fear, depending on the condition of her clothes. ? A woman dreaming that she has a penis? (or a beard):? (1) If married, she will divorce.? (2) More power for whoever is supporting her.? (3) She is dominating her husband and retaliates to any reproach on his part, especially if in the dream she is dressed like a man.? (4) If pregnant, she will give birth to a male child.? (5) If she is not pregnant but already has a boy, the latter will become the master of his folk.? (6) If she is neither pregnant nor the mother of a boy, she will never have children in view of her masculinity.? (7) It could also indicate that she is a lesbian who uses her clitoris as men do their phallus in making love to the opposite sex.? (8) If she is not a lesbian, is not married, and has never conceived, she will get married. ? A pregnant woman introducing her penis in her anus: Will have an abortion.

Lips Dream Explanation

Lips Dream Explanation ? The lips symbolize the dreamer?s friend whom he is priding himself on and whom he relies upon, especially the upper lip, but the lower one is more important in terms of the likelihood of the dream coming true. The lips also allude to Eve. ? Having pain in one?s lips: Friends are not doing so well. ? One?s upper lip having been severed: Will be deprived of one?s friend and supporter. ? Seeing oneself with the two lips having disappeared: The dreamer is gossipy.

Incident - The Reward of Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) Dream Explanation

Incident - The Reward of Tawakkul (Trust in Allah) Dream Explanation ? A man said to his close friend: "If you die before me, come and tell me about what you met with." The other man replied: "And you too!" After one of them had died, he came to his friend in a dream and said: "Trust in God Almighty, and depend on Him alone, for I saw no reward better than that of (Tawakkul) trust."

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Pregnancy Dream Explanation

Pregnancy Dream Explanation ? ? A boy under the age of puberty being pregnant: A reference to his father. ? A pregnant woman:? (1) Her wealth will increase, commensurate with the size of her belly.? (2) She will persevere till she makes the money she wants, which will grow constantly. She will be proud of her achievements and highly dignified and praised.? (3) Trouble, unhappiness, worries, and concealed matters. ? A girl under the age of puberty being pregnant: A reference to her mother.

Friend pregnant dreams FAQs:

Seeing Friend pregnant dreams good or bad?

There are different type of Friend pregnant dreams, It depends on what is the context inside Friend pregnant dream Refer to Friend pregnant islamic dream interpretation

I dream about Friend pregnant very frequently, What does it mean if you dream of Friend pregnant?

There are different meanings of Friend pregnant dreams, Meaning depends on what is the context inside Friend pregnant dream Refer to above Friend pregnant islamic dream interpretation.

What do Friend pregnant symbolise in dreams?

There are different symbols of Friend pregnant dreams in Islam, dream symbol depends on what is the context inside Friend pregnant dream Refer to above Friend pregnant islamic dream symbols.

Is it good luck to see Friend pregnant in dream?

Friend pregnant dream is good luck or bad luck depends on context inside Friend pregnant dream Refer to above Friend pregnant islamic dream explanations.

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